Almost Two Years

I felt like I was really thriving two years ago. But that’s my personality and wiring talking. I was thriving in specific ways but not as a whole person. So what was up with 2016 you may ask? I was on a really strict diet for health reasons. I weighed the least I’ve ever weighed (which I wouldn’t say is healthy) but I was starting to heal. You can read more about that diet here. I was also really lonely. I cooked every meal that I ate for almost 9 months. My social life was total garbage. I was lonely.

I was also painting every day for The 100 Day Project. I shared about the project here. I made a lot of money (for someone who isn’t a professional painter) when I listed them for sale. But our business suffered greatly because I was focusing on painting.

I’ve had a few moments this year where I felt unsure, out of shape, tired. I’m wired to think of the past as this amazing time, unaffected by struggle. I’m working hard to remember that while I might not have some of 2016 with me now, I have a lot of other amazing things. I enjoy dinners out with friends, I have the ability to focus on The Wonder Jam, we’re traveling, I’m finding that in-between.

If you’re reading this and you feel like you aren’t living up to some standard, be kind to yourself. In two years, I’ll look back on 2018 and think of it fondly. I always do.


June 1, 2018