A Wednesday In The Life

Day-to-day, my life is always different. But certain days of the week tend to be similar. If you want to read more about how I handle my schedule, you can read it here. I documented what I did today, a Wednesday. Welcome to a day in the life of me. 

9:00am: I wake up. As I write this, I roll my eyes. I may have mentioned it here on my blog before but there was a week in 2015 where I woke up extremely early for an entire week and I was in the best mood of my life. I have yet to return to that. To be honest, I really value sleep above a lot of other things. I mentioned this in previous posts but no matter what time I go to bed (If I’m able), I wake up 8 hours later. I went to bed at 1:00am last night. Not ideal. I slowly wake up, drink cold coffee that Adam left for me (he’s an early riser) and watch YouTube videos while I get ready.

10:30am: I’m late to my meeting with Erika but I head to the office. I see that Adam also left out some stamps for me to send some letters and a RSVP to a client/friends wedding.

10:45am: I’m in a meeting with Erika where we review projects, catch up and talk about the future. I scurry out of our conference room so she can call a client.

11:30am: I dive into email. I’m always aware of what emails have come in but I just now get a chance to respond. Adam and I chat about some client projects. Our standing desks are right next to each other so we can easily chat. My Wednesdays are meant to be my ideal “photoshoot” date. I often offer Wednesdays or Fridays as my first choices. I don’t have a full day shoot today!

12:30pm: Our client, Melissa of Deckd, arrives for me to take her portrait!

1:30pm: We meet with Melissa to review her website and talk about her company’s launch! PS If you love holiday decor, you should totally check it out and win free stuff.

2:30pm: Our meeting is over and I head back into email. My goal this time is to convert emails into Asana tasks. I don’t want to live and work out of our email inbox. I quickly transition into making tweaks to our client’s skincare packaging and then into finalizing some Photoshop files for another client’s online shop.

3:30pm: By now, we need lunch. Adam and I pop over to Alchemy for some smoothies. It’s HOT out.

4:00pm: I hop on a call with our copywriter, Caitlin, to discuss some tasks. Another client of ours has a website issue so we take time to address that!

4:30pm: I take time to load in some product information into our cilent’s site. It takes awhile but it’s nice to cross that stuff of my Asana tasks.

6:00pm: We close down the studio and head home. We have lots of fun packages waiting for us: a Chilipad, a Summer Friday‘s Jetlag Mask and this mug from Ali Wong’s merch shop. We decide to head to Mazah for dinner with Adam’s brother.

7:00pm: After dinner, we walk down the street for another drink and run into old friends. I order street corn. We marvel at the fact that it’s cooled down so much.

8:00pm: I clean up our room a bit (my clothes tend to look like they exploded out of my closet) and Adam sets up the Chilipad. We do a load of laundry. I cook up some veggies and make some carnitas in the instantpot for tomorrow’s lunch. I pop 1/5 of a melatonin pill so I can start to go to bed earlier than 1:00am. I write this post.


If you’re interested in what my Mondays or Tuesdays are like, feel free to read!

June 20, 2018