A Tuesday In The Life

Day-to-day, my life is always different. But certain days of the week tend to be similar. If you want to read more about how I handle my schedule, you can read it here. I documented what I did today, a Tuesday. Welcome to a day in the life of me. 

8:45am: I wake up. We had family over for dinner last night and I stayed up later than I thought I would. Since I own my own business, I make it a priority to get 8 hours of sleep. So, I went to bed at 12:45am. I make breakfast (Anita’s Yogurt and granola) and make coffee. I get ready (makeup) and avoid doing my hair (like always). I clean up our office because I’m about to jump on a video call. Desh can sense I’m doing something other than relaxing.

10:30am: I invite our client Melissa to my Google Hangouts meeting and present her homepage design to her! She loves it and we’ll chat again on Friday briefly. I’ll start working on the interior pages.

11:45am: I walk to the office. It’s raining a bit so I wear my Uniqlo raincoat but it’s too hot and life’s too short to care if you have frizzy hair.

12:00pm: I meet with our designer, Erika, to review some of her work.

12:15pm: I drink a Bulletproof coffee and snack on some food. Adam and I chat about business stuff in the kitchen of our studio.

1:00pm: Our client, Stephanie, comes to the office to review some design work that we’ve done for her. She loves the design and we print out a mockup to show her how the brochure will fold.

1:30pm: I send proposals to inquiring potential clients.

2:00pm: I jump on Zoom to present a homepage design to our client Julie. She also loves the design and I’ll move forward with the interior page design this week. PS: we let our clients choose between Google Hangouts, Zoom and Skype when we screenshare.

2:30pm: I eat tuna. I’m not sure if this is a snack or lunch. But I eat when I’m hungry. I’m currently following the Keto diet for a bit. When I eat a high fat diet, I feel amazing.

3:00pm: We meet with our last client of the day, Adiya. I present what I think her brand should do and the direction it should take. It’s an amazing meeting and we’re moving forward with our suggestions.

5:45pm: Our meeting is wrapped and we tidy up around the office. I chat with Michael, who’s completing a project, and we head home.

6:00pm: I realize that I typo’d our delivery address on a package and it’s stuck at our neighbor’s house across the street. I knock twice and make their dogs made. I leave a note in their mailbox. I realize I shouldn’t have been anti-social these last 2 years because of this very instance. Dog cuddles, obviously.

7:00pm: Adam’s mom is visiting and we go to Whole Foods for dinner. It’s so chill there on weekdays.

8:00pm: We pop into Half Price Books after and I find FOUR books that are on my 2018 reading list and now I’m even more behind on reading every book that I want to read. You can read about my reading list here.


It’s 9:20pm as I’m writing this. It was a great day and I’m still stalking my neighbors to see if they’re home. Overall, this Tuesday was amazing. I get pretty tired when I have meetings but it’s much better than booking meetings constantly throughout the week. Today was exceptionally productive because I presented work at each meeting. Love our clients, love our work!

June 12, 2018