A Monday In The Life

Day-to-day, my life is always different. But certain days of the week tend to be similar. If you want to read more about how I handle my schedule, you can read it here. I documented what I did today, a Monday. Welcome to a day in the life of me. Warning: it’s not too thrilling. 

9:30 am: I wake up. This is much later than I’d ideally wake up. I have grand plans for my morning routine and I suck at actually implementing it. I’ve been sleeping horribly the last few days. I’m tossing and turning. I’m not falling asleep until after 3am. I’m aware when the sun comes up. Then I finally fall asleep. It’s not great but I’m hoping I can adjust a few things to get my sleep back on track.

10:45 am: I get into the office before 11am. Michael, who works for us, was recording some audio with a few clients. I opened up the garage doors because it was so beautiful outside.

11:00 am: I Skype with a potential new client who is located in Turks and Caicos. After the call, I chat with our clients who are recording audio in the conference room.

11:30 am: I work on some content for our client, Deckd! This includes formatting some social advertising ads, designing some posts for social and editing some photos. I use a standing desk so I stood most of the day.

12:40 pm: Adam and I step outside the garage and enjoy the sun. Our little robot vacuum got caught outside.

1:00 pm: I start to tackle email. Email consumes a lot of my day on Mondays because I haven’t really touched by inbox since Friday afternoon. As I’m responding to email, I tend to do things like send invoices or proposals. I ask Adam to help me break down a potential project so we head to the white board.


1:50 pm: I get back to my email inbox but I focus on moving tasks that pop up via email into Asana, our project management system.

2:40 pm: I edit photos for our client, Pursuit, in Lightroom.

3:45 pm: My computer is apparently haunted so I restart it. I jump back into all the email replies I’ve gotten over the last hour and create some contracts.

4:00 pm: We record two episodes of our podcast! PS episodes are back on Wednesday!

5:30 pm: Last call for emails. I make a few tweaks to design work for clients. Back in Asana to plan for the rest of the week when I’m not as great at email.

7:00 pm: We leave the studio. Still bright out. Excited for our cookout with family. We’re home within 3 minutes because we live about .4 miles from our studio. I take a peek at our veggies that Adam’s growing from seeds. Sheyan, my brother’s fiance, and I start making dinner. Burgers, potatoes, salad. A clear 66-degree night and it’s wonderful out here (as I write this, it’s 10pm).

Goodnight, wonderful people.

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  • The way you spoke about your day was so calming. I’m happy the weather is giving you opportunities for opening the studio garage door and having people over in your cute backyard space. :)

    • I’m so glad you got that vibe. I try to make Mondays chill and a time to catch up.

  • Aunt Jennie.

    A client in Turks and Caicos would be an ideal reason to visit this beautiful place. The water is so incredibly blue.

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