Where Everybody Knows Your Name

We’ve owned The Wonder Jam for over 5 years (and we’ve lived in Columbus for 10). We work with small businesses and after that many years, you get to know a city like Columbus pretty well. It’s not uncommon for us to sit at the bar and talk marketing with the owner. Or for the woman facilitating my manicure to ask if I’ve ever been to the salon before despite the fact that I was just texting her boss because I was tweaking something on their website. Or to be out on a date with Adam and the bartender sends us an appetizer on him because he listens to our podcast.

I don’t say those things to brag, but to give you a sense of how much Columbus feels like home. It feels familiar and we can’t be out and about without recognizing someone. We’ve been told, “I met my best friend at your workshop!” How cool is that? We feel grounded and supported and thankful.

And to be totally honest, it makes traveling even more fun. We feel so anonymous and curious in other cities. It’s the best of both worlds.

*Image snapped today at Fox in the Snow in German Village

May 14, 2018