What I’ve Learned From Podcasting for 4 Seasons

Adam and I have hosted our own podcast for 4 seasons now. We had talked about having our own podcast for a few years and it wasn’t until we hired Michael that it actually happened. Michael sits in during our recordings and makes sure we sound alright. He also edits and publishes each episode. A man of many talents, he is. I figured I’d share that information upfront because these lessons that I’ve learned aren’t necessarily from doing the hard work. I just sit down and…talk.

So here I am, sharing things that I’ve learned from talking to my husband every week in a specific format. Thrilling, I know.

  1. When you interview people, it’s a lengthy conversation. Granted, we interviewed people who we knew and liked (during seasons 1 + 2) but time really flies and all of a sudden you have an hour and a half recorded conversation.
  2. Talking about pop culture and current events in a delayed fashion can be sort of stressful. For example, we mentioned Kanye in one of the first episodes of this season before he went full MAGA on us. By the time it got published, he was being Very Idiotic but the episode was so light-hearted. Now I understand why some of the podcasts I used to listen to state the day and time it was recorded.
  3. In that last lesson, I mentioned podcasts that I “used to listen to” because I don’t listen to podcasts right now, at this time in my life. I am embracing the quiet. A little less talking. It’s good. All that to┬ásay, I think putting out a podcast when you don’t listen to podcasts sums up my way of life. I don’t like to be surrounded by the same types of things that I’m making.
  4. I have to treat my day differently when I know we’re recording. I made the mistake in season 1 of just rushing through the day, getting tasks done and focusing hard. By the time I sat down to record, I was irritable and annoyed (my own fault, not Adam’s). I don’t take meetings on Mondays (the day we record) and when I’m engaged and in a good mood, the entire experience is better.
  5. The last thing I’ve learned is that you JUST HAVE TO DO IT. If you have an idea, just do it. You’ll do it poorly, or well, or just fine. But no one really cares. Just try it. Keep going. Maybe you’ll hate it. Maybe you’ll find your life’s calling. (PS: Podcasting is not my life’s calling but I like it a lot).

So now I have to ask. Do you listen to podcasts? How do you find the time?!

May 2, 2018