Things I’ve Bought on Amazon

Isn’t it crazy that at one point in our lives we had to get off our couch and go to the store? I kid, I kid. Sort of. I wish I could see what people buy on Amazon. I love how mundane and exciting it can be…all tied into one box sitting on my porch (filled with face wipes). I thought I’d share some of the sh*t I’ve recently ordered on Amazon. Don’t lie – you’re going to end up buying something on Amazon after reading this.

1. The face wipes I mentioned

2. Vitamin D

3. An ugly shower cap even though I wanted to buy one of these.

4. Yoga mat cleaner

5. Background clamps

6. Backdrop system

7. Design for the Real World, a book

8. Coat rack for the studio

9. Indoor mat for the studio

10. Everything bagel spice

11. A yoga mat

12. Small Giants, a book

13. A rock collection kit for my bff’s kids

Thanks for reading the least riveting blog post that exists. And no, none of these are affiliate links. I am the anti-blogger.

What do you buy on Amazon??

May 25, 2018