Taking Vacation Home

After every trip, I try to make a list of ways to take it home with me. Each trip teaches me something new. Sometimes lessons overlap. Reminders versus new revelations. Other times, a trip can reinforce why you do what you do and where you live where you live.

This trip? I brought back a few things:

  • I didn’t shop while I was in New York. I was content with what I had waiting at home and how I’ve been sending money (or not spending money).
  • Speaking of things waiting at home, it was appalled thinking of all the STUFF we have at our studio. Garage sale and mega donation happening this summer.
  • I’ll be shifting my focus back on collaborating with Adam with our work at The Wonder Jam. My life became a big multi-tasking project. Dividing and conquering. What’s the point of that?
  • I appreciate our home, a retreat, so much more.
  • Dogs are great, as always.
  • We aim to be much more of a citizen, first. A tourist in our own city. This is something we often learn over and over. More on that later.

Off to our next trip!

May 22, 2018