Recent Skincare + Makeup Purchases

I usually skip posts (and videos on YouTube) about what products beauty-focused people recently bought or received. I figure they receive a lot of product for free or we hear about products they buy with their own money (but then we never hear how they like them). I thought I’d share some products that I recently snagged (with $300 of my own money) + some initial thoughts. I plan to do a follow-up post about these items in two weeks. We’ll see if I’m hooked or wasted money!

1. Hourglass Veil powder: I’ve used this twice and so far it seems fine. I didn’t use enough the first time to set my concealer but I used it today and all seems well. The only powder that has ever wow’d me is this one. The packaging is beautiful.

2. Cocokitty Coconut Bronzing Oil and Strawberry Fresca Mist ($60 total): Full disclosure, we designed the branding and labels for this brand but I truly did buy these products. I can tell you already that I’m going to be using the Strawberry Fresca Mist every day. Strawberry is my favorite smell and fruit to eat. The coconut bronzing oil definitely gives you a glowy look. The scent is much more jasmine and makes me feel like I’m oozing spring/summer.

3. Volition Beauty’s Prismatic SPF ($35): This looked interesting and I’m always looking for a good facial SPF. I liked that in the reviews, a lot of people said it’s great to wear without makeup. It’s much more watery than I was expecting but I like how quickly it absorbed into the skin (photo below). Cute packaging.

4. Fenty’s Match Stix Trio ($54) in Medium 200: A way better deal than buying them all separately. I think the color combo I got is a good match (photo above). After watching Rihanna’s makeup video, I had to get it. Plus, they’re magnetic so they all stick together.

5. Tatcha’s The Silk Canvas primer ($52): I love everything from Tatcha so I’m slowly building my collection with goals to own everything they put out. I use a primer every time I wear foundation (the Makeup Forever one that fills in pores). We’ll see how this looks. Packaging is extraordinary like always.

6. Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Concealer in light warm ($29): I love this formula and I needed something lighter and more yellow. Hope this is the shade!

7. Ouai’s All The Ouai Up Kit ($25): I’ve wanted to try Ouai for awhile but I never want to spend money on hair products. My hair is fine and I rarely wash it so I don’t really prioritize it. Also, I totally thought the dry shampoo was regular dry shampoo and sprayed a little to smell the scent and it’s definitely a foam and ended up all over my wall. HAHA. I love the scent of the volume spray the most so far.

Will report back in 14 days!

May 11, 2018