Pajama Sets Have Changed My Life

I was so naive. I would wear those cotton t-shirts to bed. And shorts recommended for long runs. Some might sleep in the nude but I like feeling like I’m hugged by fabric. I also need to have a heavy comforter (so we keep our room cold). I don’t wear socks. I’m not a serial killer. But my sleepwear/fabric game was still off. Until I found this pajama set from Target.

Why hasn’t anyone told me how amazing soft pajama sets are? So now, as I near my 31st birthday, I now know that I must find all the sets. If you’re feeling down and need a little smile, get yourself one. Or maybe you already do and you’re dead to me because you never shared the wealth of knowledge!

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Comments (9)

  • But seriously. Do the buttons not bother you when you’re sleeping?

    • No! I don’t even notice them! I’m not sure if all sets are made equal but there are very chill.

  • I’m fairly certain that my girlfriend has that exact same set. I make fun of her for how it looks, but then again I know nothing about comfort and how to find it. I still buy Great Value brand toilet paper when it’s my turn to do the shopping.

  • I was just checking out this set at Target! I might go back and get the grey one.

  • Aunt Jennie.

    Now I feel bad. Pajama sets are my jam!

    • You’ve known me my whole life and you never told me?!?! It’s okay I still love you.

      • Aunt Jennie.

        Haha! Wonder what else I know that I should tell you.

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