Overnight in Indianapolis

Last week we took a quick 2.5 hour roadtrip to Indianapolis for a client presentation and to see Fleet Foxes in concert. Both reasons for the visit were superb but we also ate some great food and had some amazing drinks. In my opinion, cities like Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis are underrated in the eyes of most of my east and west coast friends. I mean, I get it. They aren’t huge cities, no ocean and the weather can suck.

But in my opinion, I’ve had better quality experiences in cities like this. We get better service, it’s a little less crowded and I think the food/drink rivals anything we’ve had in LA or NYC. Of course, I’m talking about specific standout spots. I hope to share more about these places in underrated cities from now on.

Some great gems in Indianapolis:

1. Spoke and Steele (located in the hotel we stayed at) had some of the finest drinks we’ve ever consumed.

2. Garden Table for lunch. I’m always impressed with this place (not for the cocktails, just the food). We split their wings and chop salad and loved both.

3. P R O V I D E R for coffee. Ohhhh the amazing coffee. I had the iced pistachio drink and I’m still thinking about it. I seriously may drive back through Indianapolis on Wednesday from Illinois and get this drink again. I will. I actually will.

4. Nook – this Paleo restaurant smack dab in the middle of downtown Indianapolis was the most surprising find. I had the angry shrimp taco / omelette and loved it.

We look forward to another (longer) trip so that our friend Joe can show us more magical spots.

May 28, 2018