New York in May

We planned a trip to New York for my birthday, just a little belated. I first spent time in the city when I was just shy of 21. It was a college trip and all things centered around art. All the museums, all the galleries, DUMBO. Adam and I took our first trip together to Manhattan about six years ago. It was cold, we traveled with other people and it rained the entire time and yet we felt like it was the most magical time. We’ve returned many, many times after. Each trip feeling a little different.

This visit was one of my first extended trips since my grandpa got sick and passed away. Since the election. Since going through some of my own bullshit. This visit was so comfortable in some ways, so uncomfortable in others. Today, while walking through Central Park, I finally got the clarity I’d been looking for for a year (or longer). I know this is vague and I’ll share more later. It’s not dramatic. It feels mature. It feels good.

Stuff we liked, visited and ate (all gluten-free):

1. Mozzarella sticks at Tali

2. Risotto at Risotteria Melotti

3. The High Line Hotel

4. Goods for the Study

5. 192 Books

6. Cake truffles at Milkbar

7. Cocktails at Death & Co.

8. The cold ginger drink at Coffee Project NY

And if we’re friends and you live here and we didn’t hang out – don’t hate me. I’ll be back for a social trip. I needed to be small, one of millions and anonymous just for a few days.

May 21, 2018