My Relationship With Photography

Sometimes I spend time browsing old photographs that I’ve taken. The photos that I look at remind me of a time in my life where I had my DSLR at home or when I actively kept a roll of film in my 35mm cameras. It feels like it must have been a simpler time. I leave my camera exclusively at our studio now. It feels like a piece of my work, not a part of my life. Not something that I would take with me on a trip or to a family gathering.

Something changes when you’re paid to do something that you love doing.

And well, damn, that makes me sad.

To be fair, when I’m taking photos for a client, my passion is directed in a very specific way. I owe it to my client to deliver for them, to take photos that their customers will love and I’m usually doing this while wearing many hats. Taking the photo is one of the easiest parts. I’m usually coaching the model, styling the food and making sure my lighting is perfect.

But outside of my career, I want to rekindle the flame. I do think it’s important. I want to work on my relationship with photography. Do they offer counseling for this?! Ha!

May 16, 2018