Free Food For Millionaires

I started this book on my birthday (May 9th) and just finished it last night. While the paperback doesn’t feel too long, it was over 560 pages, I believe. The characters were very real and predominately Korean or Korean-American. I haven’t read a lot of books written by Asian authors or read a novel where the main character was as well (which is crazy). I realized that when the author, Min Jin Lee, would casually refer to the Korean women as beautiful or physically attractive. Growing up, I rarely encountered literature that referenced Asian women as beautiful (maybe never).

The author gave an interesting insight into each character’s life, switching from perspectives often. You were never left wondering what another character was thinking, it was always provided.

I connected with Casey, the main character, in a few ways. She feels out of place, has an easy time dismissing others, is generally thoughtful but has a hard time communicating. She trusts her gut, likes to buy nice things. But her character was still difficult for me to truly like.

While it’s not a book that will stick with me for forever, I did enjoy it.

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