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One of my dreams is to become an art collector. As of right now, I don’t have any wall space in my home to accommodate a collection any larger than I have. It would still be fun to collect artwork, give an artist that I love money and keep the art stacked until I have the walls. I spent a decent amount of time and money building a collection of framed work from favorite graphic designers back in 2012. My taste has evolved even though I still admire all of those creators.

I’ve purchased paintings from Kayla Plosz Antiel and Ashley Peifer (our big painting at The Wonder Jam is one of Kayla’s). I also have a lot of my own art (which isn’t as exciting to me).

Today I photographed a friend’s home and saw that they had a print by Emily Jeffords. I’ve loved Emily’s work for so long and am determined to snag one of her originals one day.

I think it’s so interesting to see what people choose to display in their home and how they talk about it.

Do you collect art? How do you choose what to hang in your home?

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  • We’ve slowly started to collect it. What’s funny is we agree very easily on furniture, colors, etc…but art we’ve slowly been figuring out. Probably because we were both art majors. Aaron wants things to have a story while I’m fine with them just being well crafted.

    We have a couple small paintings by Annie Koelle we bought for our first anniversary.

    Another year we bought a big print by Chris Koelle

    At some point we want to get something from Jacob Van Loon.

    I wanted one of your paintings but someone bought it right before me. haha.

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