Adam Has Ruined Coffee For Me

If you didn’t know, Adam roasts his own coffee. Besides his amazing presence in my life, the coffee that he roasts has changed my life. I’ve not tasted anything so delicious. That’s great, right? Because I have access to him AND his coffee. My life is complete.

Until we travel…

We normally center a lot of our travel around drinking coffee and espresso. Adam still loves to do this but I constantly crinkle my nose and say, “Meh.” It’s not that other people’s coffee isn’t good, it’s just not the one.

For the record, we went to Deeper Roots Coffee in Cincinnati yesterday and their espresso was smooth and delicious. We’re traveling quite a bit over the next two weeks and I need to just be more open-minded. Yes, I know. My life is so hard.

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  • My husband does not roast his own beans, but he has a bean database in his head and makes really good coffee. We are very fortunate. There’s a lot of bad coffee in this world.

  • HA! I love this! My husband also roasts our coffee and now everywhere I go, I compare to his AND HIS IS ALWAYS BETTER! We should do a coffee swap. I won’t judge Adam’s… I’ll just savor it :)

    Phew, having such cool-coffee-roasting husbands is soooo hard.

  • The one thing that could spell doom and gloom for my relationship with my girlfriend is that she does not like coffee. Loves the smell of it. Hates the way it tastes; gag-level hatred.

    Nevertheless, when we travel she’s always on the lookout for dope coffee spots for us to go to because she knows how much I love an elegantly crafted roast. We even designed a lot of our three week Euro-trip last year around coffee spots I’ve learned of over the years. She’s a bit of a tea connoisseur, so thankfully most of these great coffee shops also offer great tea. Everybody wins. But clearly I win the most. I don’t deserve love that beautiful.

    • Oh gosh that is rough. My condolences – I can’t imagine if Adam didn’t love coffee. Honestly, though, it means you really really love her. Have you become a bigger tea fan now?

      • I truly have! She’s helping me develop my pallete, learn about different blends, etc. Of course…

        *motions for you to come closer, whispers*

        …she’s starting her own tea company, specializing in floral blends with subtle flavors.

        *normal voice*

        So I have to drink a lot of tea now.

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