Adam Has Ruined Coffee For Me

If you didn’t know, Adam roasts his own coffee. Besides his amazing presence in my life, the coffee that he roasts has changed my life. I’ve not tasted anything so delicious. That’s great, right? Because I have access to him AND his coffee. My life is complete.

Until we travel…

We normally center a lot of our travel around drinking coffee and espresso. Adam still loves to do this but I constantly crinkle my nose and say, “Meh.” It’s not that other people’s coffee isn’t good, it’s just not the one.

For the record, we went to Deeper Roots Coffee in Cincinnati yesterday and their espresso was smooth and delicious. We’re traveling quite a bit over the next two weeks and I need to just be more open-minded. Yes, I know. My life is so hard.

May 18, 2018