I’ve been hopping from state to state over the past two weeks. To New York, then Indiana, back to Ohio and then on the hottest day of the year (So far…101 degrees!!) I drove to Illinois to see my family. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve loved solo trips to see my parents. If I think […]

To the little pup who’s brought me so much joy over the last 9 years. I can’t believe Desh is 9-years-old! When we got married in 2009, we lived in Columbus and I didn’t have a job. Newly married, I looked at Adam sweetly and said “We should get a puppy!” I didn’t have a [&he

What did you do when you were a kid? How did you spend your time? I’ve been asked this question before. “What did you enjoy as a kid? Do more of that.” I think it’s an amazing exercise to work through. As we’ve slowly grown The Wonder Jam, I’m always aware of what type of [&h

Last week we took a quick 2.5 hour roadtrip to Indianapolis for a client presentation and to see Fleet Foxes in concert. Both reasons for the visit were superb but we also ate some great food and had some amazing drinks. In my opinion, cities like Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis are underrated in the eyes

About two weeks ago, I posted about some recent skincare/makeup purchases. As promised, here are my thoughts: 1. Hourglass Veil powder : It’s official – I can never tell the difference between setting powders. They all seem the same to me! I don’t use any setting powder all over my face &#821

Isn’t it crazy that at one point in our lives we had to get off our couch and go to the store? I kid, I kid. Sort of. I wish I could see what people buy on Amazon. I love how mundane and exciting it can be…all tied into one box sitting on my porch […]

We saw Fleet Foxes tonight in Indianapolis and I only teared up three times. The last song sings: “I was raised up believing I was somehow unique Like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes, unique in each way you can see And now after some thinking, I’d say I’d rather be A functioning cog in s

I started this book on my birthday (May 9th) and just finished it last night. While the paperback doesn’t feel too long, it was over 560 pages, I believe. The characters were very real and predominately Korean or Korean-American. I haven’t read a lot of books written by Asian authors or read a novel

After every trip, I try to make a list of ways to take it home with me. Each trip teaches me something new. Sometimes lessons overlap. Reminders versus new revelations. Other times, a trip can reinforce why you do what you do and where you live where you live. This trip? I brought back a […]

We planned a trip to New York for my birthday, just a little belated. I first spent time in the city when I was just shy of 21. It was a college trip and all things centered around art. All the museums, all the galleries, DUMBO. Adam and I took our first trip together to […]

If you didn’t know, Adam roasts his own coffee. Besides his amazing presence in my life, the coffee that he roasts has changed my life. I’ve not tasted anything so delicious. That’s great, right? Because I have access to him AND his coffee. My life is complete. Until we travel… We normal

We took a last minute trip to Cincinnati (you can read about our last trip here) today for our client, Cherbourg Cyprus, and we got to hang out with our friends at Edelmade! Lauren and Mike are the duo behind the creative studio and had fun interrupting their work day to chat all things life […]

Sometimes I spend time browsing old photographs that I’ve taken. The photos that I look at remind me of a time in my life where I had my DSLR at home or when I actively kept a roll of film in my 35mm cameras. It feels like it must have been a simpler time. I leave my […]

There have been many times that Adam and I have faced a crossroad in our business. We recently recorded a podcast about advice we’ve been given that didn’t suit us (I think it goes up next week). We’ve been told to raise our prices. “You could charge $25,000 for a website,” they sa

We’ve owned The Wonder Jam for over 5 years (and we’ve lived in Columbus for 10). We work with small businesses and after that many years, you get to know a city like Columbus pretty well. It’s not uncommon for us to sit at the bar and talk marketing with the owner. Or for the […]

I recently took photos for our friends Bryan and Catherine (also known as Beginning in the Middle on Instagram) after they participated in something called the One Room Challenge. I’m so thankful for their friendship and I get excited when we collaborate in small ways. If you didn’t know, they were

I’m currently trying to consistently consume certain things. Food at specific restaurants, shows, books, alcohol, online classes. If I don’t try, then I just sit watch Instagram stories or online shop. I call this my intentional vs default state of being. Here’s the thing, I can work really ha

I usually skip posts (and videos on YouTube) about what products beauty-focused people recently bought or received. I figure they receive a lot of product for free or we hear about products they buy with their own money (but then we never hear how they like them). I thought I’d share some products that I

Over the past two years, I’ve been a magnet to books concerning death. Last week, I picked up The Bright Hour off the top of my “to read” pile of books and it broke my heart every night. It’s a memoir and it’s about trying to fight cancer while living and simultaneously dying&#8230

Hey, it’s me. I’m 31 now! I know, I know. So young. I just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you and what your life might look like. I’m trying to make decisions right now that will help life be all the more enjoyable. You probably remember since, well, I am you (but […]

One of my dreams is to become an art collector. As of right now, I don’t have any wall space in my home to accommodate a collection any larger than I have. It would still be fun to collect artwork, give an artist that I love money and keep the art stacked until I have […]

I just realized setting the featured image as one of our wedding photos on a post titled, “It just won’t take,” is probably not a good idea but hopefully, you keep reading and you get it. A few weeks ago, someone asked me if I still don’t wear jewelry. And the answer is, “I do not

Our financial consultant, Mike Albert, recently tweeted, “Working exclusively with small businesses, I can tell you it’s almost never as glamorous/lucrative as it appears from the outside. If there’s a brand out there that you love make it a point to patronize them as often as possible. Even better te

For the first time during this challenge I’m blogging from a bar on my phone. I just got done attending an amazing launch event for a client and decided to end the evening by going on a date with Adam. Technology is amazing. Today was great and very much away from the computer. A nap […]

The other day I had two similar thoughts… The first thought was, “I’m so thankful for the person who discovered the avocado was edible.” Or maybe I should be thanking the person who started importing produce to parts of the world that don’t grow them… The other thought was, &

I was so naive. I would wear those cotton t-shirts to bed. And shorts recommended for long runs. Some might sleep in the nude but I like feeling like I’m hugged by fabric. I also need to have a heavy comforter (so we keep our room cold). I don’t wear socks. I’m not a serial […]

I recently finished Tell The Wolves I’m Home and I really loved it. It was a really sweet and gentle book about grief. I resonated with so many aspects of the book. There’s a specific and recurring element that I connected to so much: you’ll do anything to be closer to someone you’ve los