Things That I Screenshot

On this episode of “quick blog posts that are fun but not really that deep, so what,” I’m sharing things that have made me take a screenshot (on my phone). I’ve done this post before. Read it here. To be totally honest, my screenshot game is way less embarrassing now that the iPhone lets you send a screenshot to someone (but not save). So here we go:

1. My photo featured on Cup of Jo for a pumpkin bread recipe (photo taken for a cookbook that I photographed for Jane Soudah)

2. My top 5 strengths according to Strengthsfinder. Mine are Maximizer, Achiever, Significance, Relator and Intellection.

3. This meme from The Little Mermaid because, same.

4. My favorite tweet of all time.

5. This product line because I loved the packaging colors and design.

6. The Medium article, In defense of dispassionate designers.

7. Encouraging Instagram DMs from amazing women

8. An Instagram post of Mindy Kaling’s where she’s announcing her poster for A Wrinkle in Time and BJ Novak comments “Cool they let you wear your own clothes” that made me laugh out loud.

9. A photo taken in NYC by someone else.

10. An event space in San Diego where I’d love to host a workshop with Adam! And a post by Oasis because it looked cool.

11. Encouraging emails about our podcast (which comes back in a couple weeks!)

12. A quote from another post that reads, “Our work is successful not because of how it makes our clients (or us) feel but how well it serves the people it’s designed for. Call them users, customers, community: we work with our clients, but we work for them.” YES YES YES.

13. These jeans.

14. This book.

15. Photos of Lupita for The Hollywood Reporter because OMG.

16. This cookbook.

What do YOU screenshot?


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Comments (8)

  • I’m gonna send you some of the ridiculous screenshots I have.

  • Hi.
    I’ve never really looked at my screenshots folder as particularly curated, but there’s a stellar score that I got on a vocal quiz (I’m 42), several recipes, the Napa fires map (I live in SF), other people’s art supply lists for me to cross-reference, and weeks worth of weather forecasts–proof for my New England relatives that I made a good choice, despite earthquakes, wildfires, and sky-high milk prices. Ha!

    • The art supply list is totally something I’ve had on my phone. Or just anything that helps me buy something else well. For what it’s worth, as someone who lives in Ohio, the weather forecasts make me jealous! haha.

  • Wow! Can’t wait to take a look at my screenshot folder ^^

  • Clothes, furniture and a bunch of snacks that I was requesting for my husband’s impromptu Trader Joe’s run. So you know, really inspiring stuff

  • Wait but for reals I hope you’re going to do a workshop here in SD!! ;)

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