The Problem With Perfection

Our podcast is back for its 4th season. The term “season” makes me laugh because it’s not like we wait a year in between (just a few weeks). We’ve slightly changed the format every season and we’re really excited about this season’s structure. We’ll release an episode every Sunday night (9pm Eastern) and Wednesday night (9pm Eastern).

Sunday’s episode will focus on “A Problem To Deal With” and we’ll end the episode with a segment called “Gilding the Lily.”

Wednesday’s episode will focus on “Behind The Scenes” and we’ll end that episode with a segment called “Isn’t That Neat!”

This blog post is going up tonight because Episode 1 of Season 4 is now live! If you’re interested in what we think about perfection (spoiler alert: perfection is the enemy of done or good or evolution), listen here! Or iTunes. Or Spotify. Enjoy our melodic voices!

April 22, 2018