Teach Me

I grew up in a home where makeup and shopping wasn’t a focus. My parents didn’t drink. I wore a uniform to Catholic school where I wasn’t allowed to wear logos on my socks or even nude nail polish. My high school friends and I didn’t drink. I went to a tiny college in the middle of nowhere.

I only remember one key piece of advice from a college professor. Everything else flew right out of my brain beyond the basics. That piece of advice? “It doesn’t matter if you’re talented. If you don’t meet deadlines, someone less talented will take your work, your job or your client.” That’s all I needed.

To top it all off, I have a horrible memory so all of this might be extremely inaccurate. I thought I’d share some fun resources that have helped me learn something new over the past year.

1.  This is the class that I purchased when I wanted to get better at natural and artificial studio light.

2. This is the class that I recently bought because I wanted to push my studio lighting game even further.

3. We’ve participated in a few cocktail classes over the years and we are so happy that West Egg Cocktails is in our neighborhood now.

4. I recently watched this YouTube video and it’s changed the way I dry/straighten my hair.

5. The perfect soft boiled egg (but I submerge mine in ice water) and it never fails.

6. Following Jamie Beck on Instagram and watching her stories on how to use different film cameras.

7. Reading books. Just, read books. Please. Or Google it.

April 25, 2018