Outer Quiet and Inner Quiet

Over the weekend, I started reading my friend Brandi’s book. It’s called Myths of Being Human and it’s been such a special read so far. Back in January, I ended up (unintentionally) hanging out with Brandi at a big gala at the art museum and enjoyed our conversation so much. We talked about the whole health of a human, grieving and boundaries. While others were dancing, we sat outside the bathroom chatting the night away.

In her book (which I’ll be reading over the course of 8 weeks like she recommends), she talks about outer quiet and inner quiet. Outer quiet being experiences where you are in a quiet or silent setting. Inner quiet being where you experience less mind wandering, fewer or slower thoughts and you are more connected with your physical sensations. They don’t always overlap.

I’ve started making my list of both types of quiet and am enjoying the time to process and think. Spoiler alert: cooking was on the list.

April 16, 2018