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Over the last two years, I’ve returned to this space multiple times to share things close to my heart and on my mind. In 2016, I recapped our travel adventures (and we honestly haven’t traveled much since). It includes one of the last photos I took with my grandpa before he passed away the following year. It feels important. I published one single post in 2017 where I shared about how I was starting to feel a pull to write, share and create. My grandpa died three weeks later. I got quiet. And now I’m here again.

To be totally honest, it’s terrifying. I was able to hide behind my art during the last two 100 Day Projects. If I felt sad, I could get lost in painting. If I was excited, I channeled that energy into my work. This year, I’ll be facing a lot of my thoughts and feelings head on. I thought I’d share a few things that 100 Days of Blogging has forced me to realize (already! and it’s only day 1).

My Life Has Become A Bit Routine

As I was clicking around my Google calendar, I noticed that I didn’t have much coming up within the next 100 days. Two trips, maybe. No exciting visitors from out of town. No parties to be thrown. “Should I plan some exciting things so that I have something to blog about?” “Nah, that seems lame.” My inner dialogue is pretty much exactly that. I pose a question. I respond.

I realized that living for the sake of blogging is a little pathetic. But can this project force me out of my habits? Habits like:

  • Work
  • Work
  • Work
  • Watch Portlandia
  • Go to the same 3 restaurants


Blogging Is My Internet Home

I started blogging, thanks to the encouragement of my fiance (now husband) back in 2009. That first post was riveting, right? I was on Twitter, Instagram didn’t really exist and Facebook was only for college students (I think?). It feels like home. Blogging is where I started interacting with people on the Internet. It’s where my worldview started to expand. I decided early on that I would respond to every comment, if possible. Not only would I respond to each person but I would check out their site and find them on social media. I made Internet friends and I still talk to them today.

A Space To Grow

Having 1,212 posts published allows me, now, to see myself grow. Between 2009-2015, I saw myself experiment, find my voice and allow myself to change (slowly). In 2011, I wrote:

I think deep down, I would love to be a professional photographer.

Just 7 years ago, I felt that becoming a professional photographer was something out of reach. I wonder how I will feel in 2024 when I look back at this project. What things felt out of reach? What will shift? What will change?

Will I feel gratitude? I hope so.

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Comments (16)

  • Love this and you. I have a feeling this 100 day challenge is going to be life altering for you.

  • Hannah

    So excited to follow along on these 100 days.

  • Heard you on Elise’s podcast, and am really looking forward to following along!

  • I think I’ve been reading since…2012? 2013? Ah! However long it’s been, ok so happy to be here. xo, Eliza

  • So happy to have met you through Wonder Jam and look forward to following more of you through this experience.

  • Love seeing you blogging again and this project seriously has me considering trying this out now. Also you totally got me curious as to when my first blogposts were(2009 too!) and I just spent hours sitting through an absurd amount of embarrassing posts of mine ha!

  • Carrie Kelleher

    Love your first post! I haven’t followed you before now but I heard you on Elise’s podcast and came over to see. Love to see what’s ahead for you. :) My #The100DayProject is a little different – a little creativity, but different. My project is #100DaysofIntention – my IG is carriek333 if you’re interested. Looking forward to the next 99!

    • I will check out your project, Carrie! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and read :) Excited to follow along now!

  • January Newbanks

    I love looking back at my old blog posts (Xanga was my first ) and watching my mind and voice evolve. I was never a consistent poster though. How awesome for you that you have a little corner of the internet that is home base . Looking forward to reading your new posts over the next 99 days!

    • Aw so lovely hearing from you here on my blog, January!! It is really special to have this.

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