One Of One Hundred

Over the last two years, I’ve returned to this space multiple times to share things close to my heart and on my mind. In 2016, I recapped our travel adventures (and we honestly haven’t traveled much since). It includes one of the last photos I took with my grandpa before he passed away the following year. It feels important. I published one single post in 2017 where I shared about how I was starting to feel a pull to write, share and create. My grandpa died three weeks later. I got quiet. And now I’m here again.

To be totally honest, it’s terrifying. I was able to hide behind my art during the last two 100 Day Projects. If I felt sad, I could get lost in painting. If I was excited, I channeled that energy into my work. This year, I’ll be facing a lot of my thoughts and feelings head on. I thought I’d share a few things that 100 Days of Blogging has forced me to realize (already! and it’s only day 1).

My Life Has Become A Bit Routine

As I was clicking around my Google calendar, I noticed that I didn’t have much coming up within the next 100 days. Two trips, maybe. No exciting visitors from out of town. No parties to be thrown. “Should I plan some exciting things so that I have something to blog about?” “Nah, that seems lame.” My inner dialogue is pretty much exactly that. I pose a question. I respond.

I realized that living for the sake of blogging is a little pathetic. But can this project force me out of my habits? Habits like:

  • Work
  • Work
  • Work
  • Watch Portlandia
  • Go to the same 3 restaurants


Blogging Is My Internet Home

I started blogging, thanks to the encouragement of my fiance (now husband) back in 2009. That first post was riveting, right? I was on Twitter, Instagram didn’t really exist and Facebook was only for college students (I think?). It feels like home. Blogging is where I started interacting with people on the Internet. It’s where my worldview started to expand. I decided early on that I would respond to every comment, if possible. Not only would I respond to each person but I would check out their site and find them on social media. I made Internet friends and I still talk to them today.

A Space To Grow

Having 1,212 posts published allows me, now, to see myself grow. Between 2009-2015, I saw myself experiment, find my voice and allow myself to change (slowly). In 2011, I wrote:

I think deep down, I would love to be a professional photographer.

Just 7 years ago, I felt that becoming a professional photographer was something out of reach. I wonder how I will feel in 2024 when I look back at this project. What things felt out of reach? What will shift? What will change?

Will I feel gratitude? I hope so.

April 3, 2018