Oh, Interesting!

Yesterday, during a private yoga session with Josie (who is also writing every day for 100 days), we were talking about all the things we wanted to blog about. We both agreed that we love sharing deep thoughts, straight from the heart, but some days will be funny or lighthearted or a little fluffy.

Today is one of those days!

Here is a list of things that I’ve found interesting. Sometimes this list will contain products, events, articles or even memes. I mean, it’s anything that’s interesting (to me). Read on for one riveting list:

1. My next cookbook purchases will be Happy Soups. Simi made one of these soups when I was over at their house and I loved it! I admire anytime a publisher is willing to put a non-photo on the cover of a cookbook. Trullo and Kaukasis will be next.

2. My guilty-pleasure-reality-show-watching-brain loved this photo.

3. I haven’t stopped thinking about this article since I read it in February.

4. If you love dogs, you’ll love this.

5. I was having some texture/pore buildup for about six months. Beyond some diet tweaks, these two products helped a lot. And seeing Emily at Penzone Polaris. If you’re in Columbus, go see her! She’s amazing. warning: my skincare isn’t cheap!

6. I want these storage bowls! The colors! The cuteness!

7. These words by Amy Turn Sharp…straight to my heart.

8. And finally, my favorite dog video ever. Watch it with the sound on.

What’s been interesting to you?


April 6, 2018