Oh, Interesting Vol. 2

It’s Friday! And by Friday, I’m ready to not be in front of my computer. That’s why these short and sweet posts work well for me pre-weekend. Here’s a list of things that made me say, “Ohhhh, interesting!”

1. I recently photographed some of Branch Basics for a giveaway as collaboration with our client, Primally Pure. I’m really loving the concept and filled up all our spray bottles with the concentrate!

2. I made this recipe last week and LOVED it.

3. Two past interns of ours (one of them is Michael who works at The Wonder Jam) are hosting a portrait day at our studio next weekend! I’m so pumped. Get your ticket here.

4. I just downloaded the Point app on my phone and am excited to up my volunteer game here in Columbus. You can specify which causes you want to follow and then connect/attend/give back.

5. The Reese’s Sugar-Free Peanut Butter cups are amazing. Get on it. They’re on Amazon Prime so…I’m in trouble.

6. I snagged this new blush palette by Morphe and am loving it. Only $20!

Any cool things in your world? Happy weekend!

April 20, 2018