More Breaks

Today I took the afternoon off and sat outside for over two hours in the sunshine on our patio. Desh even joined. It made me think about taking breaks.

Adam has been experimenting with the Pomodoro Technique and has been loving it. I also recently read Breanna’s post about working for two hours and taking one hour off. Last year, there was something deep within myself that would have thought, “Must be nice but I can’t do that.”

Focus isn’t something that I struggle with. I can focus for 14 hours straight without taking a break. That’s nothing worth bragging about. So as of late, I’ve been trying to figure out what balance and breaks look like for me. Is it working 4 days a week? Is it working every day but only a few hours? Is it taking a few shorter breaks throughout the day? Is it pre-scheduling various trips and vacations? Is it taking a whole month off every year?

I’ve owned my own business since August 2012 and I don’t give myself much flexibility. I don’t think outside the box and I can end up working all the time.

How do you handle breaks? Do you take a walk, restrict screentime, stop working at a certain time? Do you get away from your desk at lunch? Schedule vacations strategically? I’d love to hear.

April 12, 2018