Let’s Get Coffee (or Tea)

Back when I blogged often…oh wait, I am blogging often now. Ahem. Back when I blogged as much as I am currently blogging, I would create this post annually. You can read the posts from 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013. Feel free to jump into those comments as well.

In these posts, I ask 5 questions, encourage you to respond in the comments and share my own answers! I always loved hearing from everyone so I’m excited to do this again.

Answer any/all of the following questions below in the comment section:

  1. Do you have any Sunday rituals or a weekly routine before the week starts?
  2. If you could only eat one main ingredient for the rest of your life (and you had to raise/grow it), what would it be? Don’t worry, in this scenario we have access to salt, pepper and herbs.
  3. What movie or show do you/could you watch over and over until the end of time?
  4. If you didn’t have the job or career that you have now, what would you want to do?
  5. What type of clothing do you have the most of? Spend the most on?

My answers:

  1. If I have the time, I will meal prep, practice yoga, get the house looking relatively clean, do a load of laundry and wash my makeup sponges/brushes. Other than that, I keep it pretty chill. If I work on the weekends, it’s on Saturday, so my Sundays are generally pretty relaxed. For a while, we were having Sunday dinners with my brother and his fiance but those have shifted to weeknights.
  2. POTATOES!!!
  3. I watch Portlandia (the entire series) multiple times a year. I also watch the episode of Chef’s Table with Nancy Silverton about once a month. I foresee purchasing Black Panther in May and watching that as often as possible, too.
  4. A makeup artists or a chef. Or maybe a makeup artist FOR a chef. Hmmmm.
  5. I have way too many t-shirts but I spend the most money on sweaters or jumpsuits.

Now it’s your turn! Grab a coffee or tea and let’s gab.


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Comments (29)

  • This is so fun!
    1. I make one big ol’ list of to-dos, make pre-packaged smoothie bags for the week, and pick which two days I’ll formally exercise (usually a group class).
    2. I was going to say spinach but now I’m going with potatoes, too. SO versatile.
    3. The office — it’s just so easy! Especially my favorite on a plane.
    4. I’d be a travel agent. Planning trips is sometimes more fun than going on them for me.
    5. So many pairs of black leggings! I spend the most on sweaters since the softer the sweater the more expensive it usually is.

    • Ohhh I love The Office. We get into kicks where we watch that a lot too. It’s a fun show to watch at our studio, too. Where’s your favorite place to get leggings?

  • 1. Nope, unless you count naps. Haha. As much as I’d like to be the person with rituals, I actually hate routine.
    2. Squash! I freakin love squash!!!
    3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Dirty Dancing.
    4. I’d like to get paid to make art and travel the world.
    5. I have (and wear) the most skirts. They’re so comfy!

    • Naps totally count. And yes, skirts ARE so comfy. I need to invest in more dresses for the spring/summer. I’m so over pants!

  • 1. I think on Sunday I allow myself to spend more time relaxing and less time thinking about work, projects, or to-do lists. Its a day that I allow myself to relax a bit more than other days of the week.
    2. Eggs (which really means Chicken)
    3. This is a really hard decision but I’m going Seinfield. Parks & Rec, The Office, Family Guy, & Arrested Development are also in the top five
    4. Something in the food industry. Not a chef tho. I decided long ago that I didn’t want to go down that path.
    5. Probably athleisure clothing. T-shirts, shorts, & since socks. I spend most of my day in this type of clothing.

    • OHHH eggs. Dang, potatoes still win for me. But eggs are so good. Seinfeld is definitely one that I can watch over and over. We just watched the entire series. I probably do that once a year. Tell me more about never wanting to be a chef. Maybe I’ll stick with my makeup artist choice.

  • Love this!:
    1. I like to keep Sundays really relaxed. Yoga in the morning and a nice breakfast at home that I normally don’t have time for on the weekdays; acai bowls, pancakes, scrambled eggs & hash browns. A long walk with the dog too.
    2. Tomatoes. I could eat them right off the vine all day every day. Potatoes is a close 2nd!
    3. I could watch FRIENDS over and over. It’s so comforting to me.
    4. I would be a yoga instructor and a full-time artist and/or own my coffee shop.
    5. I am a jeans and tee kinda gal. Comfort is key. I should probably spend more on my clothes. They’re all falling apart and I just don’t like to shop.

    • I love making more elaborate meals on the weekends!! Shopping in-person is WAY less fun now that we have online shopping. Or do you hate both? hahah

  • Bethany Cramer

    Love this tradition!
    1. Sometimes I pick up Sunday shifts at a coffee house, so my mornings can be busy. But either way, I meal prep and clean my house in the afternoons. I like to look through cookbooks and plan out all my meals through Friday. I also plan my workouts. This structure helps me stay accountable. Then I’ll watch some TV with my boyfriend, but always end up diving into a book late at night to relax.
    2. Oh man this is tough. Pork? I love bacon, pulled pork in the slow cooker, tenderloin, sausage… I eat pork every week. But if I had to raise the piggies, I might not be able to eat them.
    3. I don’t rewatch things a lot… there are too many new things to see! But maybe The Office or Parks and Rec?
    4. I wish I understood technology and coding more, but I’m not sure I’d love the job. Perhaps something that’s less behind a computer. Or something that took me overseas.
    5. Probably shoes. I’m rough on my shoes and have to buy new boots, sneakers, and sandles every season! Even when I buy high quality or expensive pairs.

  • 1. I try to do Sunday brunch every week. Afterwards I’ll explore the neighborhood a bit (unless it’s raining) and relax until dinner.
    2. Hummus.
    3. Friends.
    4. I’d be a traveling yoga teacher, for sure.
    5. Shoes and shoes.

    • Mmmm hummus. Chickpeas are so versatile. Adam, my husband, has so many shoes. My dream is to become a shoe-obsessed person like him someday.

  • Serafina

    Do you have any Sunday rituals or a weekly routine before the week starts?– I like to have all the laundry done before the weekend is over, and have the kitchen clean. Other than that; bike ride/yard work if its warm, nap/art project if its cold!

    If you could only eat one main ingredient for the rest of your life (and you had to raise/grow it), what would it be? Don’t worry, in this scenario we have access to salt, pepper and herbs.
    Bread, I would totally grow my own wheat to make bread.

    What movie or show do you/could you watch over and over until the end of time?
    Movie: Little Women Show: Office

    If you didn’t have the job or career that you have now, what would you want to do?
    Textile Designer!! Although my career path now (chef) is never one I expected but I really do enjoy it!

    What type of clothing do you have the most of? Spend the most on?
    Spend the most on sweaters, have the most of sweaters. I am always cold!!!

    • Oh gosh – yes to bread. I feel like I couldn’t survive without a piece of bread. Now I’m reconsidering…

  • 1. My Sundays are generally my ‘stay-at-home’ day and just go with the flow. I try to use it as a day to center myself before the week ahead. I used to do all.the.things. on Sunday and now I generally try to spread it out Friday afternoon and Saturday so I can give Sunday to myself!
    2. Hands down, sweet potatoes. The one food I have yet to get sick of.
    3. Gilmore Girls. I’ve watched it all the way through and a couple days later, start it up again. It is my feel good/escape show and I love it!
    4. What I plan to do after my MA program: integrative health coach and yoga instructor!
    5. The most of? Leggings and a recent addition to this past winter season: cozy sweaters. Spend the most on? Both of those. Because quality. Oh, and sports bras (confession: I don’t wear “real bras” right now because they’ve just been frustrating.

    • Awww Gilmore Girls! A classic. I’ve seen that series so many times but I haven’t re-watched since the revival came out. What did you think of that??

  • 1. On Sunday evening, I like to put something in the slow cooker so Monday’s dinner is taken care of. Then with my extra time on Monday evening, I make a to do list for the week.
    2. Potatoes for me too (I’m Irish, we’d include them in every meal if we could)
    3. Can’t choose between these two. Friends because it’s never not funny and One Tree Hill because it’s nostalgic for me & brings me back to my late teens/early 20s.
    4. I’d love to be a wedding planner or else own a small independent stationary store.
    5. Dresses. I love them. I wear them all year round. I add black tights (pantyhose) & cardigans in the winter.

    • I got an Instant Pot for Christmas and it blows my mind. I made chicken last night in 10 mins. SO nice for dinner tonight.

  • Brianne

    1. On Sunday, I usually have Dinner at my parents. My sister is usually there too.
    2. I think Allie is spot on with this one. Most definitely potatos!!
    3. Sex & the City or Law and Order:SVU #balance ?
    4. I would write books that help people.
    5. Jeans and T shirts. I’m never 100% satisfied with anything I buy! I’m open to suggestions!!

    • I love Sunday family dinners! How special. Also, both SATC and SVU are both longtime faves as well. I haven’t watched SVU in so long. Would you ever write a book now? :)

  • 1. Get the house livable enough and go to bed early! I also refuse to do laundry on mondays so I do a load if we need. If things are going really well, I’ll do a deep clean of the food smear off the walls. (Toddler twins.)
    2. Eggs!
    3. The first three seasons of The West Wing and the first three seasons of 30Rock. The rest of The West Wing is excellent, but the first three seasons are gold. 30Rock tanks hard when they make Liz Lemon a loser.
    4. I would like to be in academia in theory, but not practice.
    5. I have a lot of lounge pants (stay at home mom), but spend the most on nursing apparel (why is it so expensive???!).

    Ps. Curious if you could blog about your experience with the candida diet and if/when the scales tipped and your diet could change. Curious (or maybe just nosy!).

    • OMG 30 Rock is GOLD. As for Candida, I’d love to blog about that. It feels so long ago and initially blogged about my experience in the midst of it. I should do a follow-up post!!

  • I went back and found my comments from the past few years. I knew we both hated driving on bridges but I didn’t know until now how I knew that.
    1. Church on Sunday. We might go to an evening service when we move to Louisville, which would open up Sunday morning for brunch with friends. :) Right now I pick up the apartment, cook a meal that will give us a day or two of leftovers, and take a bath.
    2. I would also say potatoes.
    3. But honestly how many times have I already watched The Office, Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, and now Schitt’s Creek?
    4. I would want to own/run some sort of creative studio that offered classes. It’d be neat if it had a corner that was good for photographers. I also want it to have an industrial kitchen and long tables so there could be weekly dinners with guest chefs. I want to connect all the creative people and all the people who enjoy creative things.
    5. I spend the most on shoes. Last year I bought a high quality Chelsea style boot that I know will last for years and years. But I own no less than a million cardigans.

    • HAHAHA I’m lol-ing about the bridges part. Honestly makes me sweat thinking about it right now. I’ve ALSO seen The Office and Arrested Development so many times. I saw a meme the other day that said “Browses Netflix for a movie for 45 minutes. Chooses show you’ve seen 100 times. Scrolls iPhone while watching.” Although I do tend to actually watch shows (not sit on my phone).

  • 1. I try to go to Cycle614 on Sunday mornings to start my day off! After that I usually relax or clean the rest of the day to get ready for the week.
    2. Sweet Potato or Avocado. I’m obsessed with both
    3. Jurassic Park and Friends! I can quote both entirely and are always my go-to
    4. I would want to work in a creative job-currently working on photography! Otherwise my dream is to work for the Malala Fund
    5. Shoes Shoes Shoes. I work with a sandal company, Sseko Designs, and I have every pair. And I’m always looking for new eco-friendly brands (just ordered a pair of All Birds!)

    • Mmmm avocado!! You could make so much guac but maybe it’d be sad since all you’d have is avocado haha. I love adding onion, garlic, tomatoes and cilantro to my homemade guac.

  • Charmaine

    1. I own a tutoring business and leave for work when everyone else is rushing home for dinner, so my schedule is pretty wonky. Wednesdays are my Sundays, since it’s my day off. On Wednesdays, I try to spend time with my mom. I guess that would be my ritual.
    2. Potatoes are so awesome! You can do so much with just one potato! But I don’t want to steal your idea, so I will say… corn!
    3. I could watch The Simpsons until the day I die!
    4. I’d want to be a rock star. I wouldn’t want the Beyonce kind of fame, though. I think I’d rather be known for being an instrumentalist…like a guitar god or a piano virtuoso.
    5. I don’t usually shop for clothes. My sisters pass their clothes down to me. But when I do shop, I love buying summer clothes, especially dresses.

    This was fun! :)

    • I’ve started embracing a weekday “weekend” since I am self-employed. I have a hard time pausing work so that’s huge for me. I agree with you – I couldn’t be famous like Beyonce. But it still looks glamorous :)

      • Charmaine

        Weekday weekends are the best! Lineups at grocery stores are shorter, and there’s less traffic on the road!

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