Gift Giving

At one point in my life, I tested high for “receiving gifts” as one of my love languages. As in, I loved it when people gave me things. The older I get, I’m not sure that’s the case anymore.

First of all, when you have an office/studio, you get a lot of gifts. People drop off gift baskets, bags of treats, lots of baked goods and little trinkets. It’s so extremely thoughtful but it is a lot of stuff. Plus, bonus thing! People leave their stuff at your studio all the time. We’re talking jewelry, clothes, yoga mats, hats, paper (SO MUCH PAPER), water bottles, glasses and much much more.

Then there’s being a photographer. I get a lot of free product and anything left over. It’s amazing! But it’s a lot of stuff.

I’m also at the point in my life where if I want something…I buy it. I have enough stuff.

Okay, but this isn’t the point of the post. Back to my point! Gift giving! I love GIVING gifts now! I get so excited to give gifts that I can’t sleep at night. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite¬†gift-giving tips, sources + more.

1. I’ve talked about this with a few friends lately. In our 20s, we hated flowers. They die! It’s a waste of money! Bleh. But now? We love them. And I love sending beautiful arrangements to my friends. If you’re local to Columbus, Three Buds is a new shop that just opened in German Village. If you’re somewhere else or want to ship nationally, Farmgirl Flowers.

2. Books, in general, are my go-to. Cookbooks are up at the top of this list. I love cookbooks because you can get so specific based on each person. Paleo? Sauces? Keto? Slow cookers? Instapot? Cakes? There’s something (beautiful) for each preference and I love making someone feel known. Books are also the best choice, in my opinion, when getting something for a kiddo. It doesn’t make noise or take up much room. Plus, brain stimulation.

3. Personalized recommendations (from me) are also my favorite gift pick. For example, I might buy a small sample size or kit of my favorite skincare if I know someone else has similar issues or goals with their routine. Sure, it’s great to get something that you know someone has wanted or has had their eye on but it’s also nice to say, “Hey I love this and I think you might too!”

4. Online or in-person classes have always been a favorite to gift. I remember when I first moved to Columbus, some friends got me a letterpress class and it was such a great experience. We even had someone recently gift our online membership to their sister and I knew it will be a gift that keeps on giving every month.

5. For my favorite, most special people…I keep a gift stash! I’d rather send a box filled with lots of funny/little things as an epic care package every so often. If I’m out and about, I’ll buy something if it makes me think of them. I find that the most forced, last minute gift-giving drains me and I get super bummed out. I avoid that by building up a stash of presents for a handful of people.

6. Also, if you’re looking for the most epic gift, check this Etsy shop. I got a custom painting made for my brother and his fiance last Christmas and it was the best thing I’ve ever seen.

7. Lastly, Postable is key. It reminds me of birthdays and it’s just wonderful.

What are your favorite go-to gifts? Any favorite online shops? What do you love more: giving or getting?



April 9, 2018