First Steps to Patio Makeover

We moved into our house in April 2016. When we first toured the place, the back patio was completely covered in snow. We had no idea how much of it was concrete or where there was grass but we loved it. Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s really secluded. The patio is sandwiched right between the house and the garage.

This will be our third summer here and I decided to stop talking about giving it a makeover and actually doing it. This weekend, we picked up an outdoor sectional at Big Lots (which is only a few blocks from our house). The location of this Big Lots is a bit odd in that it’s right in the heart of our neighborhood where a grocery store used to be. No other big stores exist like this one does. I hadn’t given it a thought until someone I know alerted me to their Buy More, Save More sale and we snagged this guy for $494!

After two summers of thinking about this makeover, I’ve come to learn that outdoor furniture tends to cost more than I pay for indoor furniture. Our leather sofa in our house was about $1,500. Before that, I never paid more than $150 for a couch off Craigslist. Our studio couch was given to us for free. I’m just not a huge spender when it comes to furniture (except our mattress, which was well worth it). So while patio sets from West Elm are beautiful, I’m not really ever in the mood to spend $3,000 on something that will get a lot of wear and tear. Maybe someday?

With all that being said, I’ve come to the conclusion that spending just short of $500 for this sectional is a really good deal. It seems quality and it fits perfectly. Desh seems to love it so it has my approval. The cushions look pink in this photo because of the red umbrella’s reflection. We already had the other furniture, coffee table and umbrella.

The next few items that I’ll add are:

1. A few more outdoor plants with some height

2. A wall tapestry for the exterior garage wall

3. A new outdoor rug

4. Pillows

5. Help Adam build and maintain our raised bed garden

I’ll do another post once it’s complete with before/after photos and updates on where I purchased everything else!

If you have any recommendations for outdoor plants or places for accessories, comment below!

April 29, 2018