Behind The Scenes

My favorite thing to do is sneak a peek at other people’s processes, photographer sets and artist studios! I work really hard to not follow other designer/photographer work but I do love seeing what tools they use, how they practice, what helps them execute and how they keep learning. I think it’s because I’m a very visual learner. I can see a list of photography equipment but it doesn’t click until I see it used in action. Today’s post is very visual and gives you a sneak peek into my world and the final product.

Throwback to my 100 Day Project last year. This was day one and it was all about light and the edit. I used a pink posterboard from a craft store, fake sunflowers and an old napkin/vase!

This shoot was for our client LIT Life + Yoga and I love seeing everyone watch Sarah and her amazing jacket. I’m using Profoto strobes and a white sweep in our studio.

These two photos were snapped during two of my food photography classes. Breakfast forever.

Another shot from my 100 Day Project last year! My goal was to take photos that looked like paintings. I drew inspiration from A Portrait of an Elegant Lady but I wanted to use woman of color.

Photos of the Columbus Crew for our client Pursuit! When I’m photographing people standing, I’m usually on my tip toes or a stool.

This was my set up for a personal project that I collaborated on with Megan Leigh and Autumn. We each photographed the same ten women in our own style. I wanted to demonstrate that bright, white and light photos don’t have to be the norm or standard for beauty. Dark and moody photography is just as beautiful. This is Meg. She owns Studio 614.

This photo was taken in collaboration with Creative Babes for their partnership/print ad with Watershed Distillery. When they asked me to be the photographer, I said, “DUH!” Women and bourbon. Say no more. This was shot with Megan Leigh’s Profoto lights in our studio.

Our naturally lit photoshoot for Three Buds Flower Market! I love the blue and cool tones that we used in these shots.

This one is simple but I love it! Shot for Primally Pure to show their skincare products’ texture.

This photo was shot for our client, Penzone Salon + Spa. It was such a fun, busy day with lots of models, stylists and more. We used a foam board to create movement in her hair. I used Profoto strobes, like always.

That’s all for now! I hope to showcase more in-depth BTS shots and posts throughout this project. Comment below for any specific requests!



April 8, 2018