I’m waiting to take some of these plants outside. I’m waiting to sit on our patio, on the weekend, late into the night, sipping bourbon with my favorite people. I’m waiting for my schedule to let up, to have a little extra space (I always say this). I’m waiting to hit a few financial goals.

The difference between waiting now, at this point in my life, versus waiting when I was younger is simple: I’m taking steps every day to get there. I’m taking action until I don’t have to wait any longer. And just because you take action, doesn’t mean it will happen in an instant.

Soon, summer will arrive. My life will feel a little more balanced. Our hard work will have paid off.

Taking action looks a little like this:

  • Watering this plant during the winter (Okay, I lied. Adam waters our plants).
  • Talking a walk bundled up in my winter coat even though it’s not that warm
  • Making an effort to see my favorite people even when I’m tired
  • Sitting at a cafe with Adam while we read through expense reports on clipboards so we can put money towards that financial goal. And having the waitress walk up, laugh and say, “What a fun date night!”

What are you waiting for? What are you doing to get there?

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Comments (5)

  • Yes!! I love this. We’re currently saving to buy our first house and I feel like I’m wishing away my time until then but really I’m taking steps. Spending less, saving more, using up things I own already, clearing out and having less material things to take with me.

    • Yes!! You’re doing exactly that : taking steps. I also think it’s been important for me to enjoy my daily life while waiting. And not assuming the future/end goal will be better than right now.

  • I needed this reminder today. Waiting with action ensures we get closer everyday.

  • Love this reflection. Waiting sounds passive, but it really is anything but that! Also, I’m curious what your favorite bourbon is? :)

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