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A few people have asked me how this year’s challenge is going. To be honest, it feels weird. I felt such momentum the last two years. I felt like people honored it and respected it. It’s not that I think people don’t honor or respect 100 days of blogging but it definitely feels different.

When I was painting or styling, I was taking larger chunks out of my schedule (and money out of my bank account) to prepare and fund it. I didn’t really have the choice to paint or style at 10:20pm (as I’m writing this) because I generally needed the natural light to photograph the final piece.

Maybe I’m overthinking it. Maybe it’s because it snowed this week and it’s April.

Maybe it will change. Maybe at day 50 (when I had normally gotten uninspired), I’ll feel an uptick of creativity. We shall see!

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  • When you’ve set your goals, you’ve got a mission and you always feel you’ve got something to do, and you can really do something to make that happen and fulfill your goals.

    • I do so well with goals or guidelines! I’m excited to see what happens within this project!

  • I honour what you do, and I’m a bit jealous actually. I have plenty of ideas but I simply don’t get to the point where I sit down and make a blogpost out of it…. I think it’s pretty awesome what you do! ❤️

  • Hi Allie,
    I want to say KEEP GOING! I’ve been reading each day, and I look forward to learning something new and hearing your perspective. I miss the days of yore when people wrote often, and deeply, about all kinds of things. I can’t be alone in this reflection. Further, the 100 days is all about stretching and growing. It should feel weird and uncomfortable. The world truly does want more of you!!
    Xo, cortney

  • I’ve been really enjoying your posts everyday. Keep up the great work. I had a similar stumble today. I had a moment when I wondered if I really wanted to do this thing for another 91 days. Maybe sharing it on Instagram is my problem. I’m not sure but I’ll carry on and work it out.

    • I’m so glad I’m not alone, Ali! I thought that over the weekend. I remember thinking, “Ugh will this be how it feels the whole time?” but I’m feeling a bit more inspired so hopefully it blossoms :)

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