A Week of Blogging

A few people have asked me how this year’s challenge is going. To be honest, it feels weird. I felt such momentum the last two years. I felt like people honored it and respected it. It’s not that I think peopleĀ don’t honor or respect 100 days of blogging but it definitely feels different.

When I was painting or styling, I was taking larger chunks out of my schedule (and money out of my bank account) to prepare and fund it. I didn’t really have the choice to paint or style at 10:20pm (as I’m writing this) because I generally needed the natural light to photograph the final piece.

Maybe I’m overthinking it. Maybe it’s because it snowed this week and it’s April.

Maybe it will change. Maybe at day 50 (when I had normally gotten uninspired), I’ll feel an uptick of creativity. We shall see!

April 10, 2018