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We recently upgraded some of our computers (helloooo iMac Pro) and whenever we do this, I get excited and overwhelmed at the same time. When I recently upgraded my iPhone last October, I forgot to back it up. I was in Chicago for my grandpa’s funeral and in an instant, I realized I could possibly lose all my photos. I started backing it up on Dropbox and managed to save all the important stuff. My phone was wiped and I started completely over.

On the bright side, it gets rid of all the clunky/unused stuff. For months, I only downloaded apps as I needed them. With my computers, I keep everything backed up on Dropbox so it’s not hard to gain access. But then I re-download my Adobe programs and realize I already have my account active on two computers. Dropbox alerts me that Smart Sync is now a thing. I try to enable (on my brand new, robust iMac Pro) and it says I don’t have enough room. I give it up. I ponder the ultimate question, “Do I need to import my old Lightroom catalogs?” Then I decide, nah. I’ll start over. Then I think, “Oh but we have a Dropbox for Business account now. I should figure out the best way to organize my current 1 terabyte of files.” Nah, some other time.

It’s almost like I need to schedule an entire weekend or week to learn better organizational methods and new technology. This is not a real problem. But it’s something that I’m dealing with right now. Any tips, tricks and advice would be amazing!

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  • Lightroom catalog organization is always in the back of my head. Just nagging away at me like an almost-healed skinned knee that reopens and bleeds RIGHT when I think it’s going to be fine. I know there are much better, more efficient ways of doing it, but I’m not always sure the time lost in learning the new process will be recovered once the new process is in place.

    • SAME! I can’t tell you how much I relate to this comment. It’s like I just neeeed to invest time into this.

  • I’m going through a work transition now and I’m finding that the organizational technology just doesn’t seem to be there yet. It think it takes as long to manage the org software as it does to do the real work. Keep us up to date with any discoveries.

    • I feel you. I am trying to figure out how to optimize my file org via Adobe/Dropbox and all of that. It’s so overwhelming!

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