A Fresh Start?

We recently upgraded some of our computers (helloooo┬áiMac Pro) and whenever we do this, I get excited and overwhelmed at the same time. When I recently upgraded my iPhone last October, I forgot to back it up. I was in Chicago for my grandpa’s funeral and in an instant, I realized I could possibly lose all my photos. I started backing it up on Dropbox and managed to save all the important stuff. My phone was wiped and I started completely over.

On the bright side, it gets rid of all the clunky/unused stuff. For months, I only downloaded apps as I needed them. With my computers, I keep everything backed up on Dropbox so it’s not hard to gain access. But then I re-download my Adobe programs and realize I already have my account active on two computers. Dropbox alerts me that Smart Sync is now a thing. I try to enable (on my brand new, robust iMac Pro) and it says I don’t have enough room. I give it up. I ponder the ultimate question, “Do I need to import my old Lightroom catalogs?” Then I decide, nah. I’ll start over. Then I think, “Oh but we have a Dropbox for Business account now. I should figure out the best way to organize my current 1 terabyte of files.” Nah, some other time.

It’s almost like I need to schedule an entire weekend or week to learn better organizational methods and new technology. This is not a real problem. But it’s something that I’m dealing with right now. Any tips, tricks and advice would be amazing!

April 30, 2018