What Keeps You Up?


I took 8+ months off from blogging. I didn’t miss it much. I didn’t miss blogging in the form that I once experienced it.I enjoyed taking a step back from publishing so that I could appreciate what 7 years of sharing looks like. I took time to read my old posts. I laughed, I cringed, I felt appreciation.  But nothing about the “influencer,” promotional or lifestyle side of blogging appeals to me.

I’ve spent the last 8 months feeling like I was wearing a muzzle. It was my own doing. The election here in the U.S. pushed me deep into a cycle of fear. I very much feared to share my ideas, my thoughts, saying the wrong thing. I pulled back from tweeting because I was afraid I would miss a tragedy and appear tone deaf. I deleted Facebook. I stopped getting personal.

But I did create. I created a lot. I started making shit that kept me up at night. I collaborated with women instead of competing. I took portraits of women on my own terms and cried when they finally saw their own beauty.

This space has seen a lot of evolution. I’m excited to enter into the next phase. I felt guilty creating art for the majority of this year. My hope is that by resurrecting this space, I’ll find my voice again. And create some rad stuff.

Photo from my 100 Days of Styling

August 23, 2017