8,500 Miles Later

Since September 4th, we’ve traveled 8,500 miles. I’m happy. I’m tired.





Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Bloomington, Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago. We stopped back at home between a couple of those trips and I’m excited to be home for a full month before I go back to Chicago again in November (then the holidays ensue). So what did I learn after 8,500 miles? (Because learning is everything.)

  1. I like wearing the same thing (almost) every day.
  2. I don’t miss any of the stuff I don’t have with me.
  3. See, visit, spend time with:┬áthe people in your life. They’re worth it.
  4. What and how we eat matters.
  5. Sacrifice sometimes feels a lot like love and less like pain.

Now that I’m back, I’m excited to get into a blogging routine. Chat soon!

PS: I included photos from our trips that I didn’t share on social because who wants to just see repeat memories? Or you can watch our short vlog here.

October 16, 2016