Screenshots on my iPhone


I realized that most of my photo library on my iPhone is comprised of screenshots. Every few months, I try to create a better bookmarking system. Evernote is always on my top of my list. I’ll Google, “How to use Evernote” or “The Ultimate Evernote Guide.”

But no…I’ll continue to screenshot stuff. And then forget about it. And then discover it all over again.

So here’s what I’ve got (sharing the actual screenshots isn’t as fun as the descriptions or links):

  1. My glasses prescription
  2. Various Seinfeld memes
  3. An amazing, naturally lit closet with cute clothes and shoes (I’m rolling my eyes too)
  4. The Google search of “The Shop Around the Corner” because I want to watch it
  5. Funny tweets (why can’t I just favorite those on Twitter?)
  6. Text conversations where my dad asks what certain emojis are
  7. Poems by Amy Turn Sharp
  8. An article about an episode of Bourdain’s new(er) show because I loved the quote. The quote reads “…someone who read interesting books, someone who listened to beautiful music cannot become an animal…”
  9. Beautiful illustrations
  10. Alternatives to sugar and their conversion ratios
  11. Random workout gear that I think looks cute but I’ll never buy
  12. Snaps from people I don’t know that I’ve taken screenshots of with no shame. Mostly products or books they recommend. Ok, mostly makeup.
  13. An article about the Nora Ephron movie
  14. My first tweet: “hardest Tae Boy workout yet…lunch please”
  15. McDonald’s tweet to me (highlight of my life?)
  16. Receipts of orders because they always give you a discount code for next time but they also email it to you so why? IDK.
  17. A photo of Michelle Obama

What screenshots fill your photo library?

September 13, 2016