San Diego + Seattle Packing


We just spent the past 10 days between San Diego and Seattle (September 4-13) and realized I hadn’t done a packing post in awhile! I’ve done these before for Hawaii and NYC where I break down what I’m glad I packed, what I wish I hadn’t packed and what I wish I had brought along instead. We knew going into it that these two cities were expecting very cool temps and lots of sunshine. Enjoy!


I’m Glad I Packed…

  1. A pill box organizer for my supplements. I actually used a single week organizer broken down into morning/lunch/dinner/night but ignored that organization method and used it as a two-week organizer instead. It makes it SO much easier than traveling with 15 pill bottles.
  2. Our Sony A500 camera for photos and vlogging. This camera is great because it’s so small and easy to carry around. All you need is a cord to charge the battery (while still in the camera) and a memory card.
  3. Perricone MD Face and Eye Travel Trio. I love trying out new skincare products while I travel because you can buy the travel sizes and actually use them up! I do use a Burt’s Bees facial cloth to remove all my makeup first. Grapefruit is my favorite.
  4. Aeropress (and hand grinder) for coffee. We definitely frequent a lot of coffee shops but when we want to make a cup of bulletproof coffee, this comes in handy. We also bring our Magic Bullet to blend the coffee (not pictured).
  5. My beloved ONA bag. This bag is amazing for a few reasons: the straps are long enough to be a true shoulder bag, it’s made of saffiano leather so it’s waterproof, it has a flat bottom so it sits upright no matter what, it keeps my camera safe, it has a slot for my 11″ laptop, I can choose the size of the padded slots (I’ve even carried around a can of La Croix in one before) and LOOKS phenomenal. No one ever guesses that it’s a camera bag.
  6. Patterned tights! Whether you’re hiking, grabbing coffee, working out or lounging…they’re comfortable and cute. I got these at Target.
  7. A book (Super Sad True Love Story). It was hard not to bring three books but I buy a new book in every city so I knew I’d acquire two more. I left this one on the shared bookshelf at our Airbnb. I hope someone else enjoys it!
  8. Glamglow Mud Mask. When I travel, my skin gets dry and just doesn’t get as much love. I use this as a spot treatment around and on my nose! It’s the priciest thing I regularly buy but so worth it.
  9. Sun Bum SPF 50. Protect your skin! All the time!
  10. Tretorn canvas sneakers from J.Crew. I ordered these back before our 2013 Hawaii trip and they’re still kickin! So comfortable and I can wear without socks. They don’t even smell!

I Shouldn’t Have Brought…

  1. Both of my DSLR lenses. I only needed my 50mm or my 35mm. Probably would have just brought my 50mm because it’s lighter.
  2. My portable phone charger. We had our own car the entire time and I could always stay charged!
  3. Our travel/iPhone microphone. We thought we were going to record some audio for an online class we’re launching and we didn’t. We should have known that the audio quality would have been different and so we didn’t even touch it!
  4. All the sleeveless tops/dresses. It was beautiful and sunny but only got to about 75 degrees (max) between both cities. In the shade, it was chilly!
  5. Shoes that had already given me a blister. Like, why? I threw them away after the wedding in Seattle.

Next Time I’ll Bring…

  1. My Birkenstocks. I mean, everyone else in Seattle had theirs. I missed mine!
  2. More sweaters and a hoodie! I ended up snagging one of each in Seattle as soon as we got there.
  3. My iPad Pro. Okay, technically I had it but Adam kept it in this bag and used it since his wasn’t working and had left it at home. But I missed doodling with my Apple pen!
  4. A smaller purse. I ended up lugging my ONA bag around for every little trip and wish I had packed a small purse.

You can check out our San Diego and Seattle vlogs on Youtube. Next travel includes Philadelphia and New York City in October! Stay tuned!

September 17, 2016