I recently read three books. Here’s my recap and maybe one of them will spark your interest! Smoke Gets In Your Eyes: It’s non-fiction, it confronts death head on, speaks to the death industry and changed my life! Emily, Alone: A novel (there’s technically a book that comes before this but I

We just spent the past 10 days between San Diego and Seattle (September 4-13) and realized I hadn’t done a packing post in awhile! I’ve done these before for Hawaii and NYC where I break down what I’m glad I packed, what I wish I hadn’t packed and what I wish I had brought along instead

I realized that most of my photo library on my iPhone is comprised of screenshots. Every few months, I try to create a better bookmarking system. Evernote is always on my top of my list. I’ll Google, “How to use Evernote” or “The Ultimate Evernote Guide.” But no…I’ll c

We’re about to embark on a two-week travel period and I’m so excited. I just returned home from a week visiting family and my bag isn’t unpacked from that trip yet. I clearly have a lot to do before we leave but I planned this post to share some multi-city packing tips! We’ll be headi