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Once or twice a year, I do a “Let’s Get Coffee” post. It’s a fun way to meet my readers, it turns my comment section into a long list of dope stuff and even allows my readers to meet each other! I ask FIVE questions (and I answer them, too) and then ask you to do the same. You can read the other ones here: 2015, 2014, 2013. I respond to every comment – can’t wait to meet you!

  1. What albums or music have been on repeat?
  2. What’s one tip you’d give someone trying to make new friends as an adult?
  3. What time do you go to sleep? What time do you wake up?
  4. What’s one thing you’ve bought that saves you time or money?
  5. What’s your favorite season or holiday?

And now my answers!

I’ve been loving Lucius lately! Also I flipped out yesterday because I found out that Fiona Apple is on Andrew Bird’s new album (the track is called Left Handed Kisses). LOVE. I was in a music funk for a really, really long time and am now listening to everything.

Making friends as an adult is HARD. With juggling dating/married, kids (I mean, I don’t have kids but many of you probably do), owning a business, work, bills, etc…it’s tough! One tip I would give anyone is this: “Be okay with the fact that adulthood friendships will look very different from your high school/college friendships.”

I wish I went to bed earlier but I go to sleep around 1am every night. I wake up around 9am. Lately, Stranger Things has been keeping me up late. I’m watching it for the second time! If you don’t know what Stranger Things is, look it up now.

Definitely our Nespresso maker. When I am drinking caffeine, I drink espresso straight (with sparkling water) because it has less caffeine than a large cup of coffee. We’ve tried out a lot of different “pods” and are currently using Gourmesso. Drinking espresso is the only time I love a non-flavored La Croix. (It’s what I’m drinking in my super rad photo up above that I took on a self timer…hahaha. #model)

My favorite season is ALL OF THEM. Seriously, I need all of them. By the time one ends, I’m so giddy for the next. And my favorite holiday is Christmas. ELF, SNOW, BAKED GOODS, SWEATERS!

Okay now your turn…grab a coffee/espresso/tea/La Croix and tell me about yourself!

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Comments (44)

  • Yay! I love these posts. :)

    What albums or music have been on repeat?
    I’ve been stuck on BØRNS lately. I don’t even remember how I discovered him but he’s this 24 year old guy from Michigan and I love how unique his voice is. Also, my summer jam has been ‘Cheap Thrills’ by Sia. I love her, she’s so great.

    What’s one tip you’d give someone trying to make new friends as an adult?
    I’ve also struggled making new friends post-college but I would say don’t be afraid to try new things to meet people.

    What time do you go to sleep? What time do you wake up?
    I try to be asleep by no later than 11 since I get up around 7 every morning to get ready for work. I would actually love to go to bed earlier, but it never seems to happen.

    What’s one thing you’ve bought that saves you time or money?
    This is going to sound funny but I finally replaced my old hair dryer and OMG. I save so much time drying my hair now, it’s crazy. I have a LOT of hair on my head so I figured the problem was me, not the dryer. With my new one though, I can finish drying my hair in less than 10 minutes. It’s pretty great.

    What’s your favorite season or holiday?
    My favorite season is fall but my favorite holiday is Christmas. I have an abundance of Christmas cheer every year. My husband barely tolerates it, haha. I am a decorating, cookie baking, holiday movie watching machine immediately after Thanksgiving.

    • Checking out BØRNS now!!

      So true about trying new things. Adam and I were talking about how volunteering, rock climbing and kayaking are things we need to get into simply to 1) not work all the time and 2) meet people!

      Also I can totally relate about the hair dryer!! I bought a CHI brand one a few years ago and it’s awesome.

    • 1. The album on repeat for me is Mumford and Sons. I got my wisdom teeth removed a few days ago and had them blaring in my ears so I didn’t have to hear the dreadful sounds. Mumford and Sons always calms me down and makes me feel relaxed. Current fav song: There will be time.

      2. Make plans with them and stick to them. Don’t bail last minute and cancel. I know sometimes as an introvert you make plans, but once the time comes you’d rather lay in bed all day. Force yourself to go out, you’ll most likely have fun, and be glad that you came! Being loyal to people and kind is always the best way to make friends. Who wants to hang with a flake anyway?

      3. I go to bed around 10:30-11 but sometimes I stay up because my mind is buzzing about something. I usually wake up around 8-8:30.

      4. A really legit planner that I actually use! Its called Get To Work Book..seriously the ONLY planner i’ve ever bought that actually works and that I actually use every single week. I highly recommend it. Def saves me time and money to plan out my day and my goals.

      5. FAVE season is the transition between summer and fall. When you notice a difference in the air, it gets a bit cooler, you can put on a sweatshirt, and the leaves turn colors. The sun is still out, but a little lower in the sky and the air makes your cheeks red. I especially love wearing shorts and sweaters.

      • I love your tip!! SOO true about introverts. I’ve had to commit to do the same thing when I want to cancel. Ohhh and I love Elise’s Get To Work Book! I just met up with someone and they pulled it out and I got to see it in person. Do you still use a digital calendar/planner too?

        Also: SHORTS AND SWEATERS IS MY FAVORITE TOO!!!!! <--- Clearly.

  • Whitney Gibson

    I was stoked when I heard Fiona on Andrew’s album! SO GOOD! Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats is my new favorite. Their classic southern-esque sound feels nostalgic and, to me, perfect for summer. “Howling at Nothing” and “Wasted Time” are my go to for summer bonfires or chill nights on the patio. Also Chvrches has been powering my workouts and getting me motivated to start work.

    When i first moved to cbus i worked at a bar and made a ton of friends. Then i got a big girl job and lost half of them and was at a loss on how to find more. And while i don’t have that big group of friends who are down to do whatever whenever, i have made some solid friendships by attending events like meetups, comedy shows, or trivia nights, and just putting myself out there. Which, being the most extreme introvert with social anxiety, was painful. But it gets a little bit easier the more you try. The build up of actually doing it is way worse than doing it. So my advice would be just start by making the conscious decision that you’re going to really but the effort in and try, then follow through. It’s easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger then abandon the search when it ends. You’ve got to do a lot of heavy lifting, but it’s worth it.

    I’m an insomniac so i more or less just nap. Which i know is super unhealthy, but i haven’t been able to find something that works. So i usually fall asleep around 11 wake up at 1 until about 3, sleep until 6 then start my day at 630, 7. It’s a marvel that i make it through a full 8 hour work day that requires me to consult and create, but i do. Stranger Things is a perfect reason to stay up. Barb is my girl.

    A bike! I live and work in the victorian village/downtown area so biking to work has saved me a ton on gas and parking. Worthy investment. And I too can’t live without La Croix.

    I live and die for fall. Late spring/early summer is a close second. Then winter. This muggy, humid, super-hot-indian-summer-type weather season is dead ass last.

    • It’s SO good, right? I was like “WAIT IS THIS FIONA!?” Looking up Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats now! I like your tip about trying things like trivia or activity-based hang outs. Also, I’m so intrigued by your napping sleep! I have a hard time falling asleep but once I’m out…I’m out for awhile. And yes, this muggy humid weather makes me OVER IT.

  • Hi Allie!! I love this post – so fun!

    1) I am a shameless Adele fangirl – my cat probably hates how often I’m belting Someone Like You in his face. When I’m working at Igloo I usually have the Iron & Wine or Ray LaMontagne Pandora stations playing. =) Oh! Have you heard Cloudline by Joseph? They remind me of Lucius and it’s a really good song.
    2) Ooh I very much need ideas on this. I’m practicing actively asking people out to coffee or food when I meet somebody interesting, instead of being like, “Okay bye, maybe see you around!”
    3) I go to bed around midnight and wake up around 8. I’m kind of nonfunctional if I get less than 7.5 hours of sleep…(Stranger Things is the BEST. Baaarb.)
    4) I bought a microfiber hair towel called a Turbie Twist a couple months ago and I really like it! I used to wrap my hair up with a normal terry cloth towel but it was rougher on my hair and wasn’t as absorbent.
    5) Hmm, I think Spring is my favorite because it feels like starting over. Everything’s green and I feel hopeful. =)

    • I looooove Adele, Iron & Wine AND Ray! I always forget about Pandora. The only time I use it is for their Christmas stations haha. And I’m the same way about friends – asking people out for friend dates is key! PS: WE should get coffee or tea sometime :)

      • Yes! Friend date! I’ll FB message you soon. =) Yeah, I’m usually a Spotify girl but they have Pandora set up at the store haha.

  • hi! i love reading these types of posts.
    1- I’ve been playing Beyonce’s Formation and 7/11 on repeat, as well as Jamie XX’s Loud Places and Girl.
    2-oh man, the struggle. I’ve always found it hard to make friends. My tip isn’t really one, but it’s a realization I’ve come to lately which is that sometimes you meet someone that you think you could become really great friends with, and they’re just not interested. I find it hard not to take it personnally but I try to remind myself that it’s ok, and it’s not about me.
    3- I got to bed at midnight and wake up around 8. I’m in the third trimester of my pregnancy so while i’m finding it harder to sleep well these days, I’m trying to sleep as much as possible while I can.
    4- I really can’t think of anything specific. However, over the last few years I’ve come to dress in a uniform of sorts (white/black/grey tshirts, plaid shirts, jeans or black pants) and that saves me a lot of time getting dressed, shopping and packing.
    5- Winter (i live for snowboarding), closely followed by summer (i also love mointain biking). I could do without fall and spring. Where I live, these shoulder seasons are rainy and grey and there’s not much you can do outside. Favorite holiday is Christmas, I love the cosiness, the family gatherings and making a tree every year.

    • Me too! It’s always an amazing comment section filled with great people AND suggestions. PS We are music spirit animals. Beyonce and Jamie XX are my jammmmmsssss. We listened to Jamie XX’s album in LA last year and it will always take me back to sunny days in Venice.

      And I’m with you about the uniform thing. Mine is usually some kind of striped shirt, jeans and sneakers. Comfort and ease FTW!

  • Omg! Has it really been a year since the last “lets get coffee” post!? Feels like yesterday!!

    1. What albums or music have been on repeat?
    I’ve been to a lot of St. Lucia lately. Sort of just fun – feel good music! :) Will definitely be giving the Fiona Apple song a listen though!

    2. What’s one tip you’d give someone trying to make new friends as an adult?
    I would recommend taking a class in something and potentially finding someone with a similar interest. It’s always more fun to do activities when you have a friend, right!? Plus, realizing not every person has to be your “best friend”. People can be your “zumba class” friend or whatever activity it is that you are trying out.

    3. What time do you go to sleep? What time do you wake up?
    Ok. During the week, after dinner I try to watch an episode of something to wind down (Like ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Mr Robot’ and ‘The Night Of’ right now – ALL SO GOOD!!). But I can’t seem to stay awake and always end up passed on the couch. That’s usually 9:30-10pm or so. Then my husband wakes me up at 11pm to move myself to bed. In the morning, I wake up at 5:30am during the week. On weekends, I don’t set an alarm and let myself rest as long as I want :)

    4. What’s one thing you’ve bought that saves you time or money?
    To be honest: groceries. Kind of shocked how much money I saved when I stopped ordering out all the time!!

    5. What’s your favorite season or holiday?
    Winter holidays are my favorite. December leading up to Christmas in NYC is just so fun. I always buy a hot chocolate and walk around to take in all the light displays every year. Ending up at Rockefeller Center. And I watch all the cheesy Christmas films (Home Alone being my favorite, but as a family we watch Elf every year.)

    • Right? Time flies!!

      Also, I really love your comment that not everyone has to be your best friend. That’s so so true. I reallllly need to watch Mr. Robot. and AMEN to groceries. I’ve only eaten out like 10 times this whole year.

  • What albums or music have been on repeat?
    – Honestly, I find all my new music from the radio these days unless one of my favorite bands releases a new album. I find myself constantly listening to the same music I’ve been listening to for years… I really like the singles The Chainsmokers have released, though.
    What’s one tip you’d give someone trying to make new friends as an adult?
    – You have to put yourself out there. If you are at a coffee shop or public events and see someone with cute earrings or wearing the t-shirt of your favorite sports team/band/whatever, tell them! It might lead to friendship and if not, you probably brightened someone’s day anyway. :)
    What time do you go to sleep? What time do you wake up?
    – I go to bed between 10:30 and 11pm and wake up at 7:30. This is not my ideal bedtime or wake up time (hello, night owl) but my son wakes up at 7:30 every day and I NEED at least 8 hours of sleep.
    What’s one thing you’ve bought that saves you time or money?
    – The You Need A Budget software (google it!). Using their budgeting system has changed my life (no, seriously). We went from living paycheck to paycheck to having plenty of money in our bank account and the ability to get rid of all our credit card debt and now we use one credit card for everything and pay it off in full at the end of every month. It saves me time, money (literally), and stress!
    What’s your favorite season or holiday?
    – Fall/Halloween, hands down. I got married on Halloween. <3

    • I’ve also enjoyed the Chainsmokers when they come on the radio! And YES we love YNAB! Adam uses it but I know it’s life changing. Everyone should use it.

  • 1. I am a huge Batman fan so I’ve had the Suicide Squad soundtrack on repeat for a couple weeks now. I like to pretend I’m a rapper during Lil Wayne’s part in Sucker for Pain.
    2. Be YOURSELF! Don’t try to act like the person you think someone wants to be friends with. Neither of you will end up happy that way and no relationship can survive under that.
    3. I am in my bed by 9:30 each night but I don’t go to sleep until closer to 10:30 or 11:00. I spend a good bit of time cuddling with my puppy, watching him sleep & pinning things on Pinterest. If I’m working out, I wake up by 5:30 or 6:00 – otherwise 7:30.
    4. My sister actually made the purchase but… my gel lamp changed my life and has saved me a ton of money. Instead of going to the nail salon regularly I am able to give myself long-lasting gel manicures!
    5. My favorite holiday is a tie between Halloween & Christmas. I love dressing up for Halloween & being able to be anyone or anything for one night. But, I love love LOVE decorating for Christmas.

    • I have to check out the soundtrack! I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’m also very impressed you get into bed that early (that’s early for me haha). I need to be more like you!! And you’re right, the time between halloween and christmas is so magical!!!

  • I’d love to chat over an espresso. It might be my favorite thing on the planet. And doing so with you… is perfection.

    1. Gregory Alan Isakov. Remember when we were driving and stopped mid sentence to just listen? I like moments like that with you.

    2. Make the effort. I see a lot of people trying to hope good friends fall in their lap. It takes effort and putting yourself out there.

    3. I’ve been staying up late with you. We should go to bed earlier, no? But I don’t really regret it. :)

    4. A nespresso machine. :)

    5. Summer. I like hot weather. I like sweating.

    Thanks for chatting. Always enjoy it.

    • You’re the sweetest. And his music is the sweetest. But in different ways. I already know all of these things about you but thanks for commenting and making me feel special :)

  • 1. LION BABE’s album is a gem – Jump Hi and Treat Me Like Fire are current favorites.
    2. Go do things you like to do. Other people who like those things will be there. It won’t be instant, since talking to strangers in tough. But I’ve made great friends over time at yoga studios, book clubs, and networking events.
    3. I probably go up to bed around 9-10pm, but I read for another hour or so. Reading at night is one of my favorite things do to. But this time is saved for fiction books – I don’t want to think too much before going to bed! I’ll read non-fiction and business books while downstairs. Little rule of mine.
    4. Most things I buy don’t save me anything! We did get rid of my boyfriend’s car recently and having just one vehicle has been surprisingly nice. My coworkers are so generous with giving me rides, and I enjoy walking places. Definitely doesn’t save me time, but certainly money.
    5. I am REALLY looking forward to fall. I love everything about it. Cooler temps, warmer colors, savory flavors, hot tea, pumpkins…

    • Isn’t Vanessa William’s daughter Lion Babe?! I remember her talking about it at Keyholder. I gotta check it out! I like your rule about book reading. I’m the same way although some fiction can make me stay up so late. And I’m with you— so ready for fall!

  • Fun!

    1. Welcome To My House by Flo Rida and anything by PitBull.
    2. Just be you. And it’s OK to not hang out all the time.
    3. Early to bed and early to rise for me. I’m asleep by 9pm and up by 5:30am.
    4. A Costco membership. It’s so much cheaper to get veggies and meats there. I upgraded our membership so that we get 10% back on each purchase. When it’s time for us to renew our membership, we get a check in the mail with the amount that we got back which is enough to cover the fees for renewal (I hope that makes sense). Most things I can purchase there and it saves me from having to go to multiple stores.
    5. Fall and all the holidays that go with it! Unfortunately in Colorado our fall season is short but the winters are super mild compared to Columbus so it’s an OK trade off.

    What’s one tip you’d give someone trying to make new friends as an adult?
    What time do you go to sleep? What time do you wake up?
    What’s one thing you’ve bought that saves you time or money?
    What’s your favorite season or holiday?

    • I’ve always wondered about Costco! We have such a small house that I never know if it’s irresponsible to get such bulk about of stuff.

  • 1. Needtobreathe’s newest album is hella good. I also have a Heads Down playlist that’s full of badass ladies. I listen to it while designing.

    2. It’s hard. I really appreciate people I can skip small talk with and have deep, real conversations. Know that it’s not easy to find. Opening yourself up to new people is really vulnerable, but on the other side could be a new friend who sharpens you.

    3. I’m such an old soul. I go to bed at 9 PM ’cause I wake up at 5:30 to work out. I used to stay up late and work out after work, but the benefits from working out in the morning have been farrrrr better for more than doing it later in the day.

    4. I didn’t buy this, but a weekend routine saves my week. Buying groceries, doing laundry, a tiny bit of work to prep for the week, farmer’s market donuts that fuel my soul. :)

    5. Fall. Hands down. Love the weather. Love the clothes. Love the leaves. Just, love, love, love, love.

    • We see Need to Breathe this month (I think next week!) My friend got us tickets for my birthday! Also, GOOD work on getting up at 5:30am to work out. Have you always done that or is it something you worked toward?

      • Definitely something I’ve had to work toward. I’m notttttt a morning person. My body would sleep until noon. The struggle is v real when my alarm goes off, but I feel so much better through out the day.

  • Ah, I absolutely love these posts! So fun.

    1. I usually listen to long playlists on random rather than the same album, but my favorite songs lately are “Way Over Yonder in The Minor Key” by Billy Bragg, “Georgia” by Vance Joy, “Beth/Rest” by Bon Iver, “Heavy” by Birdtalker… None are particularly new but can’t stop, won’t stop.
    2. I actually wrote a blog post about this a little while back that discussed how meeting and making friends as an adult is EXACTLY like dating. But I love your advice. The advice I would give would probably be somewhat similar- you’re not going to click or become best friends with everyone you meet, and that’s okay. And it’s okay to let friendships go if they no longer serve you.
    3. This varies, and this month it’s been a lot later at night and earlier in the morning than normal. On average, I go to bed between 11-12. Not great sleep because I have two kids and one still wakes up at night, but overall, I can’t complain. Half the week I wake up at 7am when my daughter has preschool, and the other half is around 8am if I’m lucky. Also, I second that about Strangers Things. We are only a few episodes in but it’s just so good. Wish I could binge it but I don’t have time.
    4. Hmm. Spotify, probably. I love the family subscription. I spend less on albums and I love the discover playlists.
    5. Favorite season is fall by far, followed by winter. I miss the snow in Ohio. We are in NC now and if it even snows one flake I am FREAKING. OUT. I miss waking up to see fresh snow on the ground when I look out the window. My favorite holidays are Christmas and July 4th.

    • Loved hearing from you, Taylor!! First, I’m totally checking out those songs. I LOVE it when people suggest a song vs an album. And let me know what you think of stranger things once you’re done. I’ve watched it twice!!

      As for snow, we don’t even get that much in Ohio anymore. I swear the last two years have been pitiful. Like, WHY DO I LIVE HERE THEN? lol jokes. sort of.

      • I feel the same way about songs vs. albums. So much more accessible to just listen to a song than spend over an hour on an album. We are only a few episodes into Stranger Things but I’ll keep you updated!

        Haha I know what you mean about the snow. I feel like if you like it, that’s a redeeming quality for Ohio. If you don’t, well… I guess those people would appreciate the lack of snow. That being said, I hate being hot and we have had 107 degree (with heat index) days in NC basically all summer. So.

  • 1. The music I’ve been listening to on repeat is Miranda Lambert’s new single “Vice”. Also David Nail’s “Fighter” and Chris Stapleton’s “Traveller”. Love singer-songwriters and country music!

    2. For making friends, do what you love! I started making friends in my new towns by going to yoga classes or the regular gym–we bonded over fitness. I also took classes which interested me–cooking classes, free events in my town, and the farmers markets. Concerts have also been a fun place for me to meet others. I just do what I love and let myself be open to meeting others!

    3. Ahhh sleep, with Candida and all my new diet changes, this is the part which I’ve savored the most—I go to bed between 10 and 11pm, wake up at 6am, then lay down and sleep from 8-10:30 again before I go to work. Fatigue has been my hugest struggle…it’s all I can do to get up and go to work!

    4. One thing which has saved me time and money is Beachbody on Demand!!! When I was working out (and I will again, I’m just allowing my body to heal right now!), I didn’t want to pay for a fancy gym membership…I can workout at home (saves me travel time, waiting time, gas, money) and also I have access to so many programs so I can’t get bored!! It’s saved me and as I get stronger, I will go back to it!!!

    5. Fave season is the fall—college football, fall festivals, corn mazes, and those bright fall colors! I do love all the seasons, but fall and tailgating holds a special place in my heart (I’m a southern girl raised on college football!). Favorite holidays are Christmas (hello Hallmark movies!), and Thanksgiving!

    • Sleep is SO huge when it comes to healing and working through all these issues. I remember being amazed at how 10 hours of sleep made me feel so much better. I’m so impressed that you can work out at home! I am so bad at it and am just now getting a gym membership. I’m excited to get active again.

  • 1) Ben Folds. That’s a piano man right there. He’s talented, hilarious, sarcastic, and awkward, all fantastic qualities, and his music is some of my favorite because of it. Listen to You Don’t Know Me, The Luckiest, or Landed if you’ve never heard him!
    2) Oh boy, it’s something I could be better at. I’d say don’t be afraid of making the first move. It’s like dating. I’d LOVE it if someone came out of their way to complement something I’m wearing, or to comment on something going on nearby. It isn’t that difficult, but even I sometimes have to force myself to get out of my comfort zone and take a chance on someone. Be brave; they’re only human too. Something really great may come of it.
    3) I wake at 5:45am to hit the gym before work. It is way easier for me than going after work, plus I feel totally refreshed and productive the rest of the day. I am definitely a morning person, as long as I force myself to get up, but once 8pm hits, I’m a total koala bear. I wish I could function later at night like most people I know! My boyfriend definitely gets frustrated/insulted when I fall asleep during movies we try to watch in the evenings. But as soon as we sit down and turn out the lights, my body shuts off! I aim to be asleep by 10-10:30pm.
    4) My Keurig. I am a coffee fiend. It is unhealthy. And my Keurig literally fuels that addiction, by making a cup of coffee ready in a snap. It might be (is) the first thing I touch every morning.
    5) Those days between the edges of summer and fall, when you’re absolutely sick of the summer heat, and you begin to feel the chill in the air in the morning. It is such a relief!

    • I looooove Ben Folds. I’ve seen him in concert a few times. So entertaining. And I totally agree – making the first move is so huge in friendships! And I ALSO agree about the weather. This morning was a little cool and I was in H-E-A-V-E-N.

  • What albums or music have been on repeat?
    Ohhh, for pure listening pleasure, Hamilton. Ugh, it is so good, just a beautifully-crafted musical with layering and repetition of themes. And while the music IS different and perhaps more appealing to non-Broadway types, don’t be fooled, there is some straight-up Broadway construction happening in the harmonies. It’s a delight. For working/background music, I almost always have The Civil Wars on, or the Google station for Jump, Little Children which is a good mix. I can’t listen to music when I’m writing, but when I’m designing, I like something my brain knows really well, so it’s comforting and not distracting.

    What’s one tip you’d give someone trying to make new friends as an adult?
    I mean, I’m terrible at this. I think what I’ve found most comfortable is exploring friendships on social media. Sometimes I feel like it’s a total crutch because I know I am more confident in writing than I am in vocalizing, but by removing physical limitations, I’ve gotten to know the journeys of so many awesome and diverse people. I’m a better person for my interactions, constantly being encouraged to think of multiple viewpoints and how my words and actions can either raise up or oppress someone else. I pay a lot more attention to diversity in entertainment and have stopped using appropriated phrases like “spirit animal” and generally find that I’m a more thoughtful human with that constant gentle influence in my life.

    What time do you go to sleep? What time do you wake up?
    I’m usually asleep by 11 (or 12 if it’s my night to sit in with our toddler who is currently having a hard time going to sleep by himself) and up at 6:30 so I can cram in a bunch of work before he’s up and needs help with All The Things. I stay up way later than I should reading on my Kindle most nights.

    What’s one thing you’ve bought that saves you time or money?
    To any non-squeamish adults about to add tiny humans to their families, I’d recommend considering cloth diapers. They have saved us a STUPID amount of money (especially because the style we use is less expensive than the “more convenient” cloth diapers, which actually take ages to dry and are less convenient to me) and I never have to worry about making it to the store on a hectic, rainy day because we only have 2 disposables left at home. Overall, they’re not significantly grosser than using disposable diapers, though the “yuck” factor ratchets up a bit when your kiddo starts on solids. (But diapering is just gross in general, regardless of whether you get to throw it away.) They probably don’t save us a bunch of time, due to washing and folding regularly, but it’s MORE than a fair trade-off for me given how little we’ve spent on them overall (and we’ll be able to use them for multiple kids, so even more savings).

    What’s your favorite season or holiday?
    For season, fall for sure, with spring being a close second. I feel like everything fun happens in the fall (except I hate Halloween), including my birthday and an annual extended family cabin trip to one of the state parks. Plus, the clothes are great: boots, tights, sweaters, the return of jeans! Spring also has that transitional feeling, like sheer relief that the weather is changing for the better. But for holiday? Christmas all the way. I am a NUTJOB for Christmas: I want to decorate All The Things, have a constant loop of Christmas music on (I like to seek out really unusual stuff, too, so Sufjan Stevens’ albums are almost always in the mix), have my TV tuned to a truly deplorable made-for-TV Christmas movie while I’m making 6 batches of cookies, and taking on WAY too many handmade presents than I realistically have time for. For me, Christmas magic straight up exists. I think my kiddo is finally old enough this year to pick up some of the excitement and I can’t wait to do awesome stuff with him!

  • I just went back and found my answers on each year! :)

    1. What albums or music have been on repeat?
    The Hamilton Soundtrack. Needtobreathe’s, “Hardlove.” Anything by Josh Garrels.

    2. What’s one tip you’d give someone trying to make new friends as an adult?
    Ask interesting questions. A lot of people I meet have kids, so they end up talking about their kid’s poop. Which you know, can be interesting if you aren’t grossed out by that. I like to find out what people were like in high school or college. What activities did they do, did they have a job, etc. I do have a second tip. It’s hard, and that’s okay. Give everything time.

    3. What time do you go to sleep? What time do you wake up?
    10:30pm. 7am. (I want to get up earlier, but I love my snooze button too much.)

    4. What’s one thing you’ve bought that saves you time or money?
    This was a wedding gift, but our toddy brewing system. I brew a batch once a week! It’s fun to try different coffee blends with it. So far we like more acidic and bright coffees for it. But in the morning I just pour the concentrate and water into a mason jar–they have measurements on the side–put a lid on, and go to work!

    5. What’s your favorite season or holiday?
    Fall. I want it to be 9 months of the year. I love it.

  • Hooray, hello!

    1. If I’m being honest, lately I’ve been listening to pretty well nothing but the “Hamilton” cast album on repeat. You know, the hip hop/pop Broadway musical about the guy on the US ten dollar bill. It’s so catchy, pretty brilliant, fun, and really good to jog to. If that’s not your jam, the new Slow Club album is really good.

    2. Still transitioning into adulthood, and have yet to make any new friends haha. Go out, leave your house, be open-minded?

    3. Weeknights (the 8-5 work life), bed anytime between 10pm and midnight, wake up between 5:45-6am. Weekends, bed anytime between 10pm and 2am, wake up between 8am-11am.

    4. Honestly, don’t know the last thing I bought that wasn’t food haha. Or a piece of clothing/purse. This is a good question—one I will have to start thinking about when buying things!

    5. I’m boring, I don’t know if I have a favourite season! There are things I enjoy about each one: summer is of course full of sun (theoretically) and longer days and sunsets and generally happier moods; autumn has a nice crispness to the air—I thought I would feel sad or disappointed this year after summer, but I’m welcoming it so far! (It’s also still sunny and crisp, not torrential downpour every day—I live in Vancouver, Canada, by the way haha.); winter…maybe winter is my least favourite. Except it has Christmas…which as I get older isn’t even as fun anymore…so maybe it IS my least favourite haha; spring is a, hELLO WELCOME BACK TO LIFE also has my birthday and days get longer…

    Thanks, Allie!

  • What albums or music have been on repeat?

    I’ve got both of July Talk’s albums on repeat lately..I adore them, best live performance EVER. Also, Soley.

    What’s one tip you’d give someone trying to make new friends as an adult?

    Hmmm…I think the biggest thing for me is to show consistent interest. It can be in the smallest of ways… someone you know came down with the flu? Drop off a teeny care package. Come across an adorable/ funny picture? Text it to someone you think might get a laugh :). Tiny acts of kindness, and looking for ways to create fun, (if at first frivolous) connections has been important for me. Also, coffee dates.. and if it goes badly, a coffee shop date is only a commitment of about 1 hour! Quick and (hopefully!) painless.

    What time do you go to sleep? What time do you wake up?

    I go to sleep around 10:30/11pm and I wake up around 6 or 7am :).

    What’s one thing you’ve bought that saves you time or money?

    My Tools4Wisdom Planner! Definitely not the trendiest product on the market, but it works SO well for me. I’ve purchased three years in a row, and honestly can’t imagine starting the year without one.

    What’s your favorite season or holiday?

    I really love autumn. I like my coffee/espresso nice n’ hot, so cooler weather is definitely better ;).

    Thanks for doing this little Q&A Allison. I’ve really liked reading through some of the other responses. Such a great idea :)

  • I have just realized that I want a blog just like yours & have no idea how to get there. I guess the challenge is to start small & enjoy the process & it will happen. I’m gonna go make myself some sleepytime tea and then I’ll respond.

    What albums or music have been on repeat?
    the radio. I go to school in NJ during the week and I’m in PA on the weekends for work and I feel like I have done this for so many months now that I just don’t know what to listen to. The radio is the same songs over and over. So other than that I really like covers of songs and on The Voice that is essentially what they do. So I like to listen to those songs over and over because their version usually gets stuck in my head.

    What’s one tip you’d give someone trying to make new friends as an adult?
    That is a hard one. Making friends is hard and even harder when you don’t put yourself in a situation in which making friends would be easier (i.e. a book club, being in grad school – still hard to make friends, church life group, cooking class). So I guess that would be my advice if you are trying to make friends, you have to intentionally put yourself in a place where people are already more vulnerable than what they might normally be. You may not be there for the book club or the cooking class specifically but you are trying to meet people and engage and you might just end up with a friend.

    What time do you go to sleep? What time do you wake up?
    I go to sleep anywhere from 9:45-11:45. Depends on how tired I am or if I work the next morning. I wake up around 8:30 when I’m not working and at 6 when I do work.

    What’s one thing you’ve bought that saves you time or money?
    I have no idea. I currently am in a season of life where I am here or there or working or sleeping or in class or trying to do homework but actually writing a comment on a blog so I just save money because I have to and don’t really think I save a lot of time.

    What’s your favorite season or holiday?
    My favorite season is summer and into fall. I love the sun so much it hurts.

  • What albums or music have been on repeat?
    Currently, the song on repeat is Alarm by Anne-Marie. But I have sporatic taste. So a lot of the music I put on blast is French. For example, the song Catchu Catchu by
    Lartiste is on repeat.

    What’s one tip you’d give someone trying to make new friends as an adult?
    One tip i would give is that making friends as an adult is similar to making friends at a younger age: be yourself and go converse with people who share your interests. The only difference is that you must be mature about it. Be ready to be an adult and act in adult behavior if/when it’s called for.

    What time do you go to sleep? What time do you wake up?
    I go to sleep whenever I feel tired. Sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes at night. Sometimes I go to sleep around 7 pm, wake up around 11 pm and stay up until 2 am. It just depends on the days and responsibilities.

    What’s one thing you’ve bought that saves you time or money?
    The new ice maker saves me the trouble of getting or making ice.

    What’s your favorite season or holiday?
    My favorite season is winter, and my favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the Christmas spirit.

  • Aunt Jennie.

    Lately I am in love with the soundtrack from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. The original Donny Osmond soundtrack. We recently saw the new version of the play set in Las Vegas. Very strange, but very good.
    Making friends as an adult…be open to it, smile. I’ve met some beautiful women as I wait for the train in the a.m. They are smart, strong, compassionate and funny. I used to keep my nose in my Kindle. Look up, look around, amazing people everywhere.
    I go to bed around 8:30, read a little, very little, because I am tired. Getting older is hard. I tire easily. But, I do get up around 5:00 even on the weekends.
    Not sure this is an answer to the next question but we hired a painter to paint our interior walls and ceiling while we are on vacation. This saves us time and money because to do it ourselves would be too time consuming and the end result probably wouldn’t look professional. Almost can’t wait to get back from vacation and we haven’t even left yet.
    Thanksgiving, hands down. Especially when the whole family can come. Love the traditional menu mixed with the gluten-free, grain free, sugar free whatever. Love my family.

    • I LOVE Thanksgiving because of you. And I love your advice about smiling and looking up and around. I can also be closed off in public settings. You’re someone I admire so much :) Love you.

  • 1. What albums or music have been on repeat? Lately I need familiar music while I work. Bob Segar, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac… something about it makes me nostalgic and helps me focus on my work.
    2. What’s one tip you’d give someone trying to make new friends as an adult? I feel like it’s easy to think that adulthood is high school on steroids. And sometimes it is. But I have also learned that most people just need to be approached and met where they are. We’re all people. The more risks you take, the better the reward with making friends with other adults. I’ve learned this in a unique perspective because I work in a field dominated by middle aged men and women, my significant other is 22 years older than me. So at business dinners, or going out with friends, I felt very insecure in the beginning. Not anymore, we’re all professionals, and truly enjoy the perspective and pleasure of each other’s company.
    3. What time do you go to sleep? What time do you wake up? I try to be un wound, and in bed by 10 PM or 10:30 PM. I don’t fall asleep right away, but I do need time to unwind. In a perfect world, I’m not up before 730 am. But, if I have to wash my hair in the morning, I need to be up at 6:30. Which really means 650, and I drink my coffee on my way to work rather than leisurely throughout the morning.
    4. What’s one thing you’ve bought that saves you time or money? My car has Bluetooth. I still have my 2005 Mustang, but I was unable to safely return phone calls while driving. The car with Bluetooth gives me so much more freedom to return calls and speak with colleagues that I didn’t have before. Time in the car used to be wasted. Also, an Apple Watch. I thought I was going to hate it at first, and sometimes I do because I don’t like being so accessible, but I do like that I can answer really quick questions from my wrist. And it reminds me to drink water, take a supplement and stand up and walk which given my health issues right now, that’s a lifesaver.
    5. What’s your favorite season or holiday? My favorite season is fall, but my absolute favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. It always has been since I was a little girl.

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