Let’s Get Coffee


Once or twice a year, I do a “Let’s Get Coffee” post. It’s a fun way to meet my readers, it turns my comment section into a long list of dope stuff and even allows my readers to meet each other! I ask FIVE questions (and I answer them, too) and then ask you to do the same. You can read the other ones here: 2015, 2014, 2013. I respond to every comment – can’t wait to meet you!

  1. What albums or music have been on repeat?
  2. What’s one tip you’d give someone trying to make new friends as an adult?
  3. What time do you go to sleep? What time do you wake up?
  4. What’s one thing you’ve bought that saves you time or money?
  5. What’s your favorite season or holiday?

And now my answers!

I’ve been loving Lucius┬álately! Also I flipped out yesterday because I found out that Fiona Apple is on Andrew Bird’s new album (the track is called Left Handed Kisses). LOVE. I was in a music funk for a really, really long time and am now listening to everything.

Making friends as an adult is HARD. With juggling dating/married, kids (I mean, I don’t have kids but many of you probably do), owning a business, work, bills, etc…it’s tough! One tip I would give anyone is this: “Be okay with the fact that adulthood friendships will look very different from your high school/college friendships.”

I wish I went to bed earlier but I go to sleep around 1am every night. I wake up around 9am. Lately, Stranger Things has been keeping me up late. I’m watching it for the second time! If you don’t know what Stranger Things is, look it up now.

Definitely our Nespresso maker. When I am drinking caffeine, I drink espresso straight (with sparkling water) because it has less caffeine than a large cup of coffee. We’ve tried out a lot of different “pods” and are currently using Gourmesso. Drinking espresso is the only time I love a non-flavored La Croix. (It’s what I’m drinking in my super rad photo up above that I took on a self timer…hahaha. #model)

My favorite season is ALL OF THEM. Seriously, I need all of them. By the time one ends, I’m so giddy for the next. And my favorite holiday is Christmas. ELF, SNOW, BAKED GOODS, SWEATERS!

Okay now your turn…grab a coffee/espresso/tea/La Croix and tell me about yourself!

August 18, 2016