Gallery Recap!

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At the end of July, I hosted a gallery for my 100 paintings! It was humbling and left my floored. I ended up selling 71 of the 100 pieces and I’m still floored. I thought I’d share some photos that other people posted of their visit or their paintings back home.

My sister and I also got to collaborate for the gallery. She wrote five AMAZING poems and I created a painting to go along with each one. This one, specifically, was a crowd favorite and sold immediately:


highway conversing. 

I asked the man with the beard

to sketch me a life without her.

He smiled weakly and told me:

I sleep on dirt floors and bathe in foreign streams,

climb tall mountains and receive no relief,

move far away, let my hair grow to my feet.

In a deep green forest,

I search for silence just to hear the

falling of her breath during a cool night in August.

In gold frames and on the ceiling above where I sleep,

I paste her grocery lists and love letters,

fold them up,

her thoughts, I keep.

And when I am old and grey, he said,

when I have collected a shell from every coast,

and lined my walls with faceless shapes;

when my words are etched in marble

and a shore is in my name,

do not mistake…

when I have all of these things,

do not call,

for if I do not have her,

I will have nothing at all.


Amazing, right? There are still two left for sale over in my shop.

Thank you to all whole send me notes, came to see my art or bought something for yourself (or a loved one). It’s left me wanting to give back and support every artist I meet!

August 10, 2016