235 Days Without Alcohol


I haven’t had a drink since New Year’s Eve. Since 2015. It’s August 22, 2016. That’s 235 days. I have some friends who say they couldn’t go that long without a drink. Some friends shrug their shoulders and admit that they could give it up. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have a drinking problem. Due to some health issues, it’s just something that I can’t have right now. I’m not against it but I don’t miss it. Here are some bulleted thoughts on what it’s like to not drink for 235 days:

  • You start to enjoy other beverages. Things like nitro cold brew coffee or La Croix or just plain water.
  • You enjoy your food a bit more. When you aren’t sharing the spotlight with a cocktail, you really taste your food differently.
  • It’s hard(er) to be social. It’s not that I can’t handle not drinking. It’s just not as fun to constantly be ordering tiny club sodas with lime over and over and over while everyone else gets tipsy.
  • Because socializing is harder, you end up doing all the things you always wanted to do. Things like, painting for 100 days straight or reading books or enjoying your own patio.
  • You lose weight! I’ve heard this from various people who gave up drinking. I can’t really speak to this specifically because I’ve also cut down on sugar/carbs/dairy but I know there’s truth there!
  • You face your stress and anxiety head on. The habit of pickingĀ up a bottle of wine because you had a tough day suddenly isn’t an option. You have to realize why you stress drink or eat or binge. It’s tough but it’s good.
  • The challenge? Finding my community in other places!

Have you ever abstained from anything intentionally? What did you learn?

August 22, 2016