Search History Pt 2


A few years ago, I shared what was on my search history. Here’s round 2:

  • What does THOT mean (it means That Ho Over There)
  • Pink clouds in the air (next painting inspo)
  • Is there an app to control a Keynote¬†(searched that right before a speaking gig)
  • She’s The Man quotes
  • How much did Broderick get paid in Producers?
  • One night I searched the meaning of peoples’ names
  • Twin documentary (it is called Twinsters)
  • Where was 30 Rock filmed
  • Where did Pete Holmes go to college
  • Movies like It Takes Two (fyi I have this on dvd)
  • What does the BFG stand for
  • Mantel vs Mantle
  • Drake’s beard
  • What channel is CSPAN on
  • Warriors logo
  • Get Turnt urban dictionary (I also searched “lit” and “crunk”)
  • Who is Joanna Gaines
  • How to make egg shells peel easily
  • How much sugar is in a peach (lol)
  • What rhymes with Illinois
  • Pontoon boat rental
  • How much sugar is in a blueberry
  • How much sugar is in a banana
  • Work Work Work
  • Why does Lil Kim look like that
  • Smore Pop Tart

Share some of yours so I can laugh out loud.

July 18, 2016