Search History Pt 2


A few years ago, I shared what was on my search history. Here’s round 2:

  • What does THOT mean (it means That Ho Over There)
  • Pink clouds in the air (next painting inspo)
  • Is there an app to control a Keynote (searched that right before a speaking gig)
  • She’s The Man quotes
  • How much did Broderick get paid in Producers?
  • One night I searched the meaning of peoples’ names
  • Twin documentary (it is called Twinsters)
  • Where was 30 Rock filmed
  • Where did Pete Holmes go to college
  • Movies like It Takes Two (fyi I have this on dvd)
  • What does the BFG stand for
  • Mantel vs Mantle
  • Drake’s beard
  • What channel is CSPAN on
  • Warriors logo
  • Get Turnt urban dictionary (I also searched “lit” and “crunk”)
  • Who is Joanna Gaines
  • How to make egg shells peel easily
  • How much sugar is in a peach (lol)
  • What rhymes with Illinois
  • Pontoon boat rental
  • How much sugar is in a blueberry
  • How much sugar is in a banana
  • Work Work Work
  • Why does Lil Kim look like that
  • Smore Pop Tart

Share some of yours so I can laugh out loud.

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Comments (19)

  • Haha, yes to She’s the Man! I also googled THOT and recently “Sigourney Weaver’s real first name.” Btw, it’s Susan. Loved this post! :)

    • LOL totally was out of the loop with THOT. Oh and good to know re: Susan. I’ll call her that from now on.

  • Well, the most recent was “Chrome how do I see my search history”
    Podrick Payne (verifying spelling before composing a tweet during our GoT rewatch)
    Urban dictionary serving tea (because I have no idea what is happening with feuding celebs and slang is making that harder, not that it’s important at all)
    I will always love you (watching various versions after seeing The Bodyguard for the first time, Dolly wins them all, though)
    When you wish upon a star (verifying that it is NOT from Peter Pan as my husband thought)
    Who is Caspar Babypants (I knew it was the lead singer of a band who has a solo children’s music career, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember the band)
    West wing Josh Lyman victory is mine (essential GIF search)
    Will Mr Robot be on Hulu (vital information)
    Cleaning tar from shoes (after an unfortunate run-in with a country road and new Keds with glitter that I’m determined to keep clean)
    Oh frabjous day (to make sure I was quoting The Jabberwocky correctly in a tweet)

    Filtered out boring stuff related to my job, clients, etc. Just a sampling of the kinds of things my brain thought were important enough to whip out my phone.

  • This is so fun!

    – how to look up google search history
    – kat von d jeffree star (dramaaaa)
    – what quests are disappearing with patch 7.0 (I play Word of Warcraft lol)
    – do i need to shave my arms before a spray tan
    – define baton in french
    – love your selfie palette
    – emily bites smashed potatoes (seriously soooo gooood)
    – pokemon go gym training
    – heidi montag instagram
    – muffler man statues

  • Lol “Why does Lil Kim look like that”

    My last 5 were:
    guru mantra
    capa cartoon capers
    where is the peach truck
    fluffy pancake recipe
    married imdb (really good show, btw)

    • Hahaha dude but for real…plastic surgery scares me. Also, I hear amazing things about the peach truck. Did you find it?

  • I visited my sister this weekend. Here are all the things I googled during that visit…

    + kombucha (Image search, obvi. My sis had never had it. I was drinking it. I wanted to freak her out by showing it to her in its ‘alien in a mason jar’ state.)
    + “I know you love it but it drives me insane” (A song came on the radio. I didn’t know its name. So I typed in what I thought the lyrics were & hoped for the best. It’s called “You Know You Like It” so obvi I’m real good and catching lyrics.)
    + Barrel Aged Beefeater (We went to a restaurant that had a ‘negroni barrel aged beefeater martini’ on the menu. Sounded all sorts of terrible. Turns out it’s just a poorly named gin.)
    + Stang Life song (We like to watch trashy movies together so we went to see Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates. During the credits Zac Efron raps. It is as amazing/terrible as you’re imagining it.)
    + Abey Baby or Abie Baby (Did it for the ‘gram. There’s an awesome mural of Abe Lincoln in Downtown Lexington. We took a selfie with him. I wanted to use one of his pet names but wanted to make sure I spelled it right. According to Hair, the musical, it’s Abie.)
    + wedding anniversary gifts by year (We watched the Tinfinity episode of New Girl. My roommate and I will be celebrating 5 years next month. Now I know I can get her a piece of wood.)

    • OMG Sarah I love these descriptions hahahaha. I’m laughing out loud. I especially love the lyrics because I do that all the time.

  • A couple of mine:
    + How old is Fergie? (#informationpriorities)
    + Christine Ouzounian (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s homewrecker of a nanny…no idea how my mind wandered to this)
    + How much is cocaine per gram? (We are really into the show Bloodline right now, and now I’m also pretty sure the government is watching my computer.)
    + Most aggressive shark
    + Most deadly shark (I’m afraid of sharks and was convincing my husband about how we are lucky we didn’t die by shark attach when we were at the beach earlier this month)
    + Mean Girls quotes (I was trying to find the accurate quote for “At least you guys can wear halters. I’ve got man shoulders.)
    + How to make hardboiled eggs (always seem to forget…ha)

    Lol. It’s always embarrassing when you pull it up for examination. And this is a good version of my search history.

  • I always have an interesting search history…

    – What do red green colorblind people see
    – toilet running randomly (how a single person starts to fix things)
    – klingon drinking songs
    – myers-briggs difference between sensing and intuitive
    – when is lindsey stirling releasing a new album (August 19th!!!)
    – suicide rate of veterinarians (surprisingly high)
    – speed of the earth
    – summer is a comin in (the oldest known song written in notation that we can understand)
    – when did dieting become popular

    • Yours are legit! And so educational! I also google all home repair/health things first. Which sometimes is an awful, awful idea.

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