Fun stuff that’s happened recently:

  1. Our developer, Matt, flew in to spend a week with us!
  2. We hosted a workshop for some dope people to help them through small design and development issues. It was a great way for our entire team to work together!
  3. We hosted a party celebrating The Wonder Jam‘s 3rd birthday. You can read the post where I announced we started the business in 2013. Or our recap on our 1st birthday. Or our 2nd.
  4. We hosted an event called Boss Babes and had the lovely Katie Dalebout speak, sell and sign books! If you’re into journaling, check it!
  5. My bff Meghan stayed with us for a week. We didn’t take a damn photo which is a damn shame because WE ARE BOTH PHOTOGRAPHERS.
  6. We’ve had 3 amazing interns this summer and we like selfies.
  7. Our client, Bonifacio, is a full service (modern) Filipino restaurant that’s opening soon. We got to attend one of their first Kamayan nights where they serve all the food on banana leaves and you eat with your hands! Also, those drinks have jam on top.
  8. This week we are prepping for my gallery on the 31st! Painting the warehouse, photographing my work + framing! Paintings will go on sale July 27th.

What have you been up to?

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Comments (3)

  • Oooh, thanks for the heads up on Bonifacio! My cousin’s husband is Filipino-American and as long as the menu is veggie-friendly, we’d love to check it out with them!

    • They definitely have veggie-friendly options! I had a black bean/tofu dish that was amazing!

      • Yay, that’s so exciting! I love trying new cultural offerings, but some cuisines are more accommodating of vegetarians than others. Looking forward to it!

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