I read this article a few months ago that discussed the fact that we don’t celebrate enough. Celebrating things could actually lead to healthier, happier, longer lives. I’ve thought about this article a lot since I first read it. I can get so caught up in running a business or addressing my health that I look up and realize I forget to celebrate with people. I want to focus on celebrating the engagements, the job promotions, the personal triumphs that don’t seem that important, the babies, business accomplishments, LIFE.

Yesterday I launched my first ever online shop to sell a large collection of original artwork. I sold half of the collection in 24 hours and basically wanted to lay on the floor and cry from happiness. I told myself that even if I sold TWO paintings, I would be proud and would continue painting daily.

When I got home, I found a package waiting on my door. On it, a big green sticker that read : LIVE PLANTS. I opened it up and immediately knew my friend Meghan had sent them. I quickly texted her and she told me she was proud of me.

Seriously. Crying. For 24 hours, I felt so celebrated. All I want to do is turn that back around and celebrate others. And that’s what I shall do! I hope to be sharing the fun ways I celebrate in hopes that it rubs off on you and all of a sudden we realize we’re just living in one big fun party.

July 28, 2016