A Little Update

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It’s been a hard few weeks hasn’t it? The loss of life has been felt throughout the world, here in my country and among my tighter circle of friends. While it certainly puts things into perspective, it also leaves me feeling very unclear. Very sad. More bold. Still confused.

Lately I’ve been hosting events and friends from out of town, working and the usual. Painting has become my daily ritual that puts me in a pleasant mood. I’m about 10 days away from completing 100 paintings in a row!

And perhaps you’ve noticed that I’ve changed it up in this little corner of the internet. I decided that I really need this space to be browsable – even just for me. It’s seven years of my growth, thoughts and photos. My old blog layout felt limited and I missed “flipping” through my archives.

As usual, I’ve changed my mind again. And I’ll blog about whatever I please. I followed the Candida diet for 100+ days, I’m almost done painting for 100 days. I’m thinking the next habit will convene here. Blogging for 100 days in a row? July 27th until November 4th. Geesh. I need to think about this…

July 17, 2016