We’re 60 days into 2016. For me, the year has been about creating and kicking habits. Doing things every day until it becomes second nature. Here are a few ways I’ve changed:

  • I cook every meal at home since being on the candida diet. And yes! I am so anti-social! I need to start hosting more dinner parties I suppose.
  • I seek out podcasts while I run errands in the car, clean our house or get ready. I don’t mind listening to them a few minutes at a time.
  • No more caffeine or alcohol. Oddly, I don’t miss either.

Habits that I’m hoping to create¬†this month:

  • Go to sleep earlier. I’m typing this at 1am while watching Law & Order: SVU. Tomorrow is a new day. I need to figure out HOW to start falling asleep earlier. Slowly work towards it? Melatonin?
  • Create something every day. Even if it’s a sketch, a doodle, a painting or a vector in Illustrator or a client website.

*PS: If you are interested in the candida diet – I created an Instagram just to log meals, share tips or advice! Follow along.

March 1, 2016