We’re 60 days into 2016. For me, the year has been about creating and kicking habits. Doing things every day until it becomes second nature. Here are a few ways I’ve changed:

  • I cook every meal at home since being on the candida diet. And yes! I am so anti-social! I need to start hosting more dinner parties I suppose.
  • I seek out podcasts while I run errands in the car, clean our house or get ready. I don’t mind listening to them a few minutes at a time.
  • No more caffeine or alcohol. Oddly, I don’t miss either.

Habits that I’m hoping to create this month:

  • Go to sleep earlier. I’m typing this at 1am while watching Law & Order: SVU. Tomorrow is a new day. I need to figure out HOW to start falling asleep earlier. Slowly work towards it? Melatonin?
  • Create something every day. Even if it’s a sketch, a doodle, a painting or a vector in Illustrator or a client website.

*PS: If you are interested in the candida diet – I created an Instagram just to log meals, share tips or advice! Follow along.

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  • 1. I’m so freaking glad you ended that post with the fact that you have an Instagram set up for your candida diet because I was just about to ask you more about that! I will start following along now. I’m fairly confident (haven’t tested or anything) that I have a candida overgrowth and should be doing something about it. I’ve thought that for about 2 years now. And here I am, still not doing anything about it. Perhaps your Instagram will inspire me to do something about it!

    2. I’m a notorious night owl (hence why we called our business A Couple Of Night Owls), but now that Hook is working a full time office job, he gets up super early and wants to be asleep by at the very least 10pm. It’s been super tough for me but after about 2 weeks of following his routine, I’m pretty much there myself. It just takes time. And I use melatonin spray too! It helps me fall asleep faster and have a more solid sleep and I feel more refreshed when I wake up.

    • 1. I’m so glad you followed along!! I realized there just ISN’T a lot of info about candida or support when you realize the struggle of healing yourself naturally.

      2. I am also a night owl. SO MUCH. My doctor says I need 10.5 hours a sleep a night so I can detox. That is so much sleep. I mean, I love sleep but I want to go to bed at 2am and wake up at noon haha. I’m glad to hear it took you awhile. I will work up to it for sure.

  • I am such a night owl but with my son and wanting to make my health a bigger priority, I have also been trying to figure out how to go to sleep earlier. I can’t sacrifice sleep time, either. Gotta get that 8 hours or I am a grump! Anyway, I bought the Olly sleep vitamins they sell at Target with high hopes. I’ll let you know what I think in a few weeks!

    • It’s so hard. Even the nights I can go to sleep earlier, I’m not tired! and then I resort to taking benadryl. I’m the same with you – I can’t sleep 5-6 hours!

  • Sleep has always been hard because I cannot make my brain stop thinking and solving problems and worrying. For the past year or so, I put headphones in, curl up in bed with the lights out, play an audiobook, set the sleep timer, and either fall asleep or make progress in my book. Reading in the dark is comforting, having other voices in my head is just what I need to fall asleep.

    • That’s poetic!!! I need to try the audiobook thing. How do you remember where you left off (consciously)? Or is that what the sleep timer is. I try to read physical books and it usually distracts me from thinking. Last night I was up til 2:30am thinking about photoshoots so I totally get it.

  • I vote you start hosting more dinner parties… I’ll be there!

  • I followed your new instagram. I was wondering what this candida diet was and I hope to learn more about it through your posts.

    I also LOVE podcasts. I turn on NPR radio as soon as I am up, and while I am getting ready i’ll listen to the news. Then while I prepare my lunch box and walk to work I listen to my favorite podcasts. And later on my way back and during my lunch break…

    Strangely I cannot make myself stay up past 10PM. I do get up early. Now trying to get back to waking up at 5AM so that I can get more things done, but I have not been so successful at it yet. I tend to hit on the snooze button and sleep in for an extra hour. So 6AM /6:30 is when I finally manage to get up. Good luck on trying to get to bed earlier. I find that disconnecting from all electronics 30 min minimum prior to bed time is helping me to fall asleep faster. And also a warm tisane before bedtime (or a hot bath).

    I do however want to create something everyday, just like you. But that is a bit difficult at the moment between work and school (both full-time). But may is coming soon and so I should have more time on my hands!

  • Hey Allie! I set pretty much same habits for myself :) What are your favorite podcasts?

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