My Odd Fear of Intense or Interesting Fiction

I’ve had this weird fear lately. I fear movies, new tv shows, and fiction literature. I know, right? I told you it was weird. Most people assume it’s because I think it’s stupid, silly or a waste of time. I started to believe them! But that’s false because I finally figured out it.

Like you read in my previous post, I’m in the market for some hobbies. The reality is is that I do have free time (most nights and weekends) but I fill it with shows and movies that I’ve already seen a million times. For example:

  • Gilmore Girls: Not only have I watched that show in real time back in the early 2000’s, but I’ve owned the DVDs as they got released and have since watched the entire series probably 20 times.
  • Seinfeld: I bought the DVD set on Amazon two years ago and now that it’s on Hulu, my DVDs just sit on a shelf. But damn I love that show.
  • You’ve Got Mail: Why haven’t I bought this movie yet? I always rent it on Amazon Prime. I rented it last weekend and watched it twice in 24 hours. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I am something really depressing, like a Baby Gap.
  • That Thing You Do: Again, I always rent it. I know the entire movie line by line.
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding: Cry every time. PS the only thing that repulses me about my husband is that he doesn’t think Julia Roberts is beautiful.
  • Arrested Development: Currently watching through the series, again. 100th time.

As you can see, this isn’t riveting cinematography. Nothing dramatic. Nothing epic. Nothing new.

And that’s why I think I love it. I know what’s coming. I’m in control. It sounds messed up, but I actually fear losing control and getting sucked into an entire tv series or book. Or the opposite scares me. What if I go to a movie and I hate it? Two hours lost. I mean, c’mon Allie. GET A GRIP. THIS IS FOR FUN!

To be fair, I did watch the entire Game of Thrones series (so far) on HBO Go earlier this summer. Like, 50 episodes in three weeks. This is why I fear great storytelling. It’s hard to have a life, see the light of day and work when you’re consumed with a fictional world.

Perhaps I should be grateful that I can be swept up into these worlds. Books were my best friends in grade school. I sobbed when my mom finished reading the Little House on the Prairie novels. But I’m going to start embracing the gift. Being consumed by the art of storytelling is pretty awesome. No more resisting.

PS: I still won’t watch shows like Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy. To me, there’s a difference between a thrilling book and a show that causes excessive sweating and anxiety. I just can’t do it.

Where do you like to live, fictionally? How has film + literature affected your adult life? Any movie or book recommendations? 

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Comments (18)

  • i love tv, books and movies SO much, i read fan fiction. i go on forums. i go to meet ups. i have a tumblr devoted to them. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. it’s a form of escapism for me and i hold on to it dearly (and very dramatically). if i had to recommend one tv show to you, it would be pushing daises. it’s weird and funny and so sad and cute. i really like this post, allie. this comment is so long but like i said, i love this stuff so it deserves it haha.

    • I’m so glad you shared Pushing Daisies! Will jump into it and let you know. I can sense you love tv, books and movies. I aspire to that!!

  • Great storytelling is a true art, but one with a formula! And by following the formula, Gilmore Girls is a perfect piece of great storytelling which we can watch over and over again! Just because it doesn’t deviate from the proven formula! :D Yes, we should be greatful we can escape to these fictional worlds, as they can help us to understand or get through difficult moments in life! (: For me, the Heartland series by Lauren Brooke have played an important role when I was a child. (:

  • I’m also wary of starting a new TV show, because I get addicted to things, and fast. I just started watching Downton Abbey, and I blew through the first season in a couple days. I find it hard to get away from it and go do something, you know, productive, when there are unwatched episodes waiting to reveal more of the twisty turny plot!!

    Despite studying film for my BA, I’m actually a really bad film student. I hardly ever watch movies. I think it’s because I need to set aside time to be completely absorbed into it. I can’t be one of those people who have a movie on “in the background.” I need to know everything that’s being said, and study each character’s face!

    I get caught up in the minutiae, obvs.

    • I can definitely relate. I got into Downton Abbey and Mad Men a few years back but with the wait of the new season, I lost interest. That’s why the ability to binge watch is scary for me!!

  • I’m biased because I’m a filmmaker…who wanted to be a writer before that. Stories are the most important thing in my world and people who tell great ones are my heroes (and worth investing time in by taking in their stories).

    There are some really great tv shows that play more like indie films. Married on FX surprised me with how good it is. Togetherness is SO good and Happyish are also brilliant.

    Sons of Anarchy is one of my very favorite shows, so I like a lot of drama for the sake of a good story. But there are some that cause less physical side effects haha. The Leftovers on HBO is ridiculously good, and so is Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder (Shonda Rhimes and her team are some of the best story tellers out there and her female characters make you want to be fearless).

    I could go on and on. I love tv because it plays like a film these days…just much longer so you can get even more attached to stories and characters. Directors and writers are getting braver in what they say and put in their shows, movies, books, that you can miss out on a lot if you don’t dive in. The drama and the stories of other worlds and people and situations opens your eyes to things you might not ever consider and I find myself actually learning more about myself and the world around me.

    • I haven’t seen any of those shows but am adding them to my list. I actually can handle shows much more than books or tv (as far as passively becoming addicted haha) . I used to be a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan so I bet I’d love HTGAWM. I stopped watching Scandal after my husband watched the newest episode without me and I felt betrayed LOL. I love hearing your take on directors and writers becoming braver. I love that.

  • I’m currently binge watching The West Wing – I am almost the exact opposite, I LOVE being completely swept up in a new show. I actively seek out those experiences and I probably put myself into the story more than I should. For example, walking into work this morning, I was convinced I should join a political campaign. Let’s get someone elected President!

    The downside is that I could easily find myself more enthralled in that fictional life than my own. Not a current struggle, but something of which to be aware. But in the meantime, it’s just so much fun!

    • I’ve heard amazing things about The West Wing. I’ve never given it a shot!! Props for being aware, lady. You rock.

  • Lovely post!

    I love going to the movies and binge watching a Netflix series… BUT I also re-watched TV series and movies I love. Over and over and over. No shame here!

    Such as: Legends of the Fall, When Harry Met Sally, Love Actually, I just re-watched the entire Friends series….

    I love being swept into these worlds. But also what feelings and thoughts they evoke! And they take me back to the place I was when I first watched them. Total nostalgia.


    • Love Actually and Friends are also on my “I could watch all the time” list. Nostalgia for me is strong. I think the new stuff is the scariest stuff!!

  • That sums up how I feel about the show Felicity.

  • I love the new blog! This post speaks to me on SO many levels with the CCAD lifestyle. Personally, part of me will always live in Stars Hollow and Westeros but I just became obsessed this year with a show called Reign. It’s a historical drama about Queen Mary of Scotland and it’s so good.

    I always watch Gilmore Girls and Reign on Netflix, it’s like a soundtrack while I work on stuff.

  • I recommend Ugly Betty! Great show to binge but it’s not super intense.

  • You are not alone! I thought I was being weird about this. I see things with interesting story lines (books, movies, tv shows) that I would usually jump at but now I feel that I just don’t know if I want to make the emotional investment. I end up happily re-watching things that I really enjoyed instead…and reading fan fiction (nod to Diana’s comment). I have found myself watching How To Get Away with Murder and then binge re-watching it with friends. The twists kept us watching episode after episode.

    Also, a tip of the hat to your husband’s discerning eye…:)

  • I totally relate to this. I have a really hard time starting new TV shows and tend to rely on old favorites. I think it’s because A) I’m nostalgic, and B) When I have downtime I want it to be unturbulent as possible. It’s possible you could start what you think is a Ryan Gosling romcom and it ends up being a disturbing murder movie (It Happend To Me). I find I have a much easier time getting into new shows when I watch them with someone else for some reason.

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