We Fell In Love With San Diego

After New Orleans, we hopped on a plane and flew to San Diego! Adam and I had about three days to ourselves in between Death to Stock stops which would explain the lack of photos. I had been shooting so much prior that I mostly left my camera at our hotel.

If we weren’t at the beach or In N’ Out…we were hanging out with Vanessa and Aaron! I’ve known Vanessa for years through blogging and it was so amazing to hang out in real life!







We could definitely see ourselves moving to San Diego someday.

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Comments (4)

  • AH it was so nice finally hanging out and these pictures are great! Come back already!! x

  • Hi Allison! I used to follow your old blog when I had my old blog, Glass and Sable. I’m back on the online space and I’m loving this new space of yours, too. I recently moved out to SoCal and I’m glad you had a warm welcome out here. Hope you’re doing well! P.S. just signed up for Death to Stock and it’s amazing!

    • Ah I love hearing that you used to read along. I’m jealous you’re in SoCal while we head into the winter months here. Hope you’re loving DTTSP!

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