Our Marriage Is In First Grade!


Our marriage turned six this summer. I’ve known Adam for ten. Time flies when you’re having fun, running a business, traveling and more. Somehow marriage is the easiest and the hardest thing. I don’t know how it’s possible to be both. But it is.

Adam is so much of what I want to be. Patient, thoughtful and self-sacrificing. I sometimes am baffled that 18-year-old-me knew he would be such a great partner a decade later.

When people started asking us what we were doing for our anniversary, we would shrug and say, “Well we’re going to be in California in June so that sort of counts as a celebration.” We never do anything crazy. Usually, we go out to eat and just hang out.

What we do happen to do (as a tradition) is get Adam a watch every time we travel to a new or different city. It all started on our honeymoon where I picked out a dope Nike watch for Adam at the airport (faaaaaancy and tax-free). We’ve gotten watches in NYC, Hawaii, Jamaica, Vegas + many more cities. It’s fun because Adam loves watches and it reminds us of each trip.

Sadly, we didn’t get a single watch while in Minneapolis, New Orleans, San Diego or LA. HOW DID WE MISS THIS? When we got back, I connected with JORD wood watches. It seemed liked fate since we failed on our road trip and because the “modern” gift idea for the sixth wedding anniversary is wood. I know, right?



I’m really loving the watch I picked out for myself (I got the Ely). It’s super lightweight and the wood is really light in color. Plus, they let you download and print a template to measure your wrist so once they arrived it fit perfectly!

I tend to wear watches when I’m on location or in-studio for a shoot. I don’t want to be looking at my phone while I’m with clients and so it’s best if I can keep track of our shot lists by glancing at my wrist. I honestly can’t wear watches, bracelets or rings while I work at my computer.

Adam wears a watch almost daily and I loved being able to add this Luxury Wood Watch to his collection! But I promise you this…the next city we explore next will continue the tradition.


Do you and your significant other have any fun traditions? How do you celebrate anniversaries?

*JORD Wood Watches sent us our watches free of charge in exchange for our opinions!

July 23, 2015