It’s already mid-July and I don’t even feel like we’ve had a summer yet. It’s rained for almost a month straight and so on the days we do see the sun, we’re always scrambling to sit outside on a patio, our front porch or open the windows.

Since it’s been raining a lot, I’ve been eating lots of tacos and french fries. And re-watching The Office on Netflix. My daily uniform consists of black tees and my Birks. And I’ve been drinking bourbon lately.

I gave my blog another facelift because I get bored with things too quickly (with the exception of Adam and Desh) and I’m trying to get a grasp on my voice here on this blog. I tend to share the funny-in-the-moment stuff on Snapchat. Instagram is my social media crush. Twitter and Facebook get ignored. This blog is still such a great place to work through my thoughts or share my work.

Do you want to know the biggest blogging obstacle for me lately? Photography or graphics. Which is almost COMICAL considering I shoot photos for a living and co-founded Death to the Stock Photo. It’s this weird thing where I’m constantly shooting professionally (which sort of burns me out) but then I see my photography a lot because of DTS.

I’m not complaining at all (because it’s awesome to see your work everywhere) but I think it gives me this urge to create something totally custom for myself in this space. I just need to find the time to shoot or design for my long list of blog topics that I have stored away in my text document. I’m considering turning my Mondays afternoons into content creation + time for passion projects.

For now, you get this random collage of iPhone photos. Speaking of iPhone, I officially have no more storage available. I swear that notification pops up on my screen 56 times a day…

PS: Was this post negative? Ugh. I hope not. I love life.

July 17, 2015