Gift Your Girlfriend


I’ve been listening to Call Your Girlfriend (the podcast) lately. I love the topics, the casual vibes and the ladies. As you get older, you find that many of your friends don’t live in your apartment or down the street anymore. College friends disperse, bffs get jobs across the country and some of your best pals work 24/7 (ahem, me).

I thought it’d be fun to round up a list of fun gifts that don’t cost a bazillion dollars and are easy to ship. We can’t all be Gwenyth Paltrow.

  1. Weekly planner by Julia Kostreva ($32)
  2. Invader Shades by Quay ($50)
  3. Introvert pin by These are Things ($10)
  4. Lightning Bolt ring by Bing Bang NYC ($58)
  5. Gold lippy mug by Rachel George ($32)
  6. Hear No Evil earbuds in gold via Nasty Gal ($20)
  7. Coffee Scrub by Frank Body ($14.95)
  8. ET Pin via Valley Cruise Press ($8) they also have the twin/bff emoji pin!

Thinking about buying all of this stuff for all my bffs! Let me know of any other small shops that carry dope products!

July 22, 2015